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Home » Blog » President Museveni’s Speech: COVID-19 Update in Uganda on 21st July

President Museveni’s Speech: COVID-19 Update in Uganda on 21st July

President Museveni’s Speech: COVID-19 Update in Uganda on 21st July

President Yoweri Museveni on 21st July 20020 was live on TV and radio, outlining steps Uganda will take to further ease the lock-down as cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) that have reached over 33 districts in the country.

Recently the President was angered by Ugandans’ complacency after partially lifting the lock-down. The use of masks and washing hands has deteriorated, media reports have been shown and the President is expected to come out with strong steps to manage the situation.

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has permitted motorbike taxi operators to transport passengers who now have to wear face masks and helmets. Boda Bodas will have the option of working until 18:00 local time from 27 July.

The president also increased the curfew time by two hours-it will now begin at 21:00 local time.

President Museveni allowed the reopening of hair salons and some shopping arcades that were checked and met the requisite health standards to reopen as well.

President Museveni said the schools and worship places will remain closed.

Uganda has 1,072 confirmed coronavirus cases and no death.

President’s Speech in summary

  • Salons will be open provided they ensure

✳ Face shields for barbers

✳ Masks for everybody

✳ Temp guns

✳ Masks a must

✳ Social distancing

✳ No air conditioning

✳ Partitioning of big salons

✳ Hand-washing

  • Some arcades can open provided they have the following

✳ Temp guns

✳ Masks a must

✳ Social distancing

✳ Hand-washing

✳ No trading in corridors

✳ No traders on steps, roadsides

✳ Keep records

✳ No air conditioning

✳ Enough toilets

  • Entebbe Airport will remain closed.
  • Borders will remain closed

A month ago, after more than two months of a complete lockdown which was declared as one of the steps to contain the spread of COVID-19, the government began to ease COVID-19 restrictions. Yet, along with churches, schools and other public events, the saloons, arcades, pubs, and bodaboda businesses have remained closed.

The businesses that have stayed closed, according to the President, are those where rules on social distancing cannot be implemented. Last week, however, the Minister of Trade and Cooperatives Amelia Kyambadde announced that it had recommended reopening up to 48 arcades in Kampala, but were awaiting a decision from the President.

The recommendation was the result of a series of inspections carried out by Kampala Capital City Authority, the Ministry of Trade, along with various trader associations to ensure that arcades conform to the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health for keeping coronavirus disease at bay.

After the inspections, Kampala Capital City Authority – KCCA released new guidelines requiring arcades to have a dedicated insulating room for suspected COVID-19 offenders, hand-washing rooms, personal protective equipment cleaners and appropriate cleaning detergents.

Owners and operators were also advised to install closed Circuit Television Camera’s-CCTV for customers and attendants using practical infrared thermometers at each entry, exit, and level and body temperature screening process. With these gadgets in place, according to the ministers, traders in the congested parts of Kampala will be able to detect and respond to COVID-19 warnings in their areas of activity.

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