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Prices for gorilla trekking permits reduced for May and April 2014-Uganda safari news

gorilla in ugandaGorilla trekking is so important to Uganda and it has continued to attract more tourists which has helped in increasing the revenues of the tourism sector. Gorilla permits have been reduced in April and March 2014 in order to attract more tourists to come for gorilla safaris to Uganda.

Uganda Wildlife Authority has cut the gorilla trekking permits, and this discount only apply to the months of April and March, the foreign Non-residents are to pay $350 only, foreign residents are to pay $ 250 and the Ugandans are to pay 100,000 shillings, this will help in increasing the revenues of the country since the numbers of the visitors will also increase.

The cost of mountain gorilla permits in rwanda have remained at $ 750 and it has not reduced; therefore Uganda is bound to attract more tourists in the months April and March. Mountain gorillas are found in only three countries of Africa and these include; Uganda, Rwanda and Congo and these are over 800 gorillas and half of these are believed to be found in Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable national park and others are found in volcanoes of Rwanda and others in Virungas of Congo. All these have greatly attracted mountain gorilla tracking safaris to all these countries.

However, due to the insecurity in Congo, it’s safe to track the gorilla in Uganda or Rwanda, Mgahinga gorillas are not so reliable since they keep on moving from Uganda to Rwanda, hence making it difficult to track them. The experience which is offered by all these gorilla parks to the visitors is so adventurous.

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