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Primate Lodge Kibale , uganda safari toursPrimate Lodge Kibale is lower luxury to mid-range facility positioned at the entrance of the Uganda safari tour destination of Kibale National Park popularly known as the Primate Capital of the world.

Primate Lodge’s remarkable beauty and attention to detail combined with the tranquil forest environment which is home to hundreds of Chimpanzees, other 12 species of primates, Forest Elephants, forest antelope like duikers, 375 species of birds and unique flora including 351 tree species formed the listing among the top 19 Black Owned Hotels to look out for in the year 2017 by the famous Essence Magazine – a travel magazine based in the United States.

Recorded as the only Africa Safari Lodge listed in Essence Magazine across the continent of Africa, the Primate Lodge Kibale does not earn a boost to itself but also the destination Uganda in general. This stands as an indicator of the unique and standard accommodation units that Uganda has got in her range of protected areas thus an assurance to the world travelers that planning safaris to Uganda would not be a disappointment.

Primate Lodge considering its very close proximity to Kanyanchu Tourism Center presents the perfect base for exploring all activities in Kibale National Park including Chimpanzee habituation and birding that require very early departure.  Kibale National Park is 326km about 6 hours drive from Kampala and a popular site in the Uganda tourism circuit always explored by travelers on safari in Uganda.