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Princess Barbara Nakiwolo, determined to promote tourism in Uganda- Uganda Safaris News

lakes-ugandaUganda tourism sector is mainly dependant on international tourist who constitutes the largest number of tourists under taking safaris to Uganda especially to the country’s protected areas. However tourism earnings from domestic tourism is still low and yet it’s Ugandan’s obligation as citizens of the country to first appreciate their own endowed natural, artificial, built attractions, cultural attractions distributed through the whole country.
In this regard ,I argue all Ugandans to follow Princess Barbara’s advice of Ugandans first appreciating their natural ,artificial treasure in form of tourists attractions by sparing time to visit them before spend their resources to explore other international countries .As stated by the princess, places like Sezibwa falls, and other places like source of the Nile in Jinja, national parks, as well as lake Bunyonyi which is gifted with beautiful natural vegetation that resembles that of Switzerland are very interesting places for Ugandans to spend their holidays.
The determination showed by the beauty queen as well as her counterparts from Ankole, Toro and Teso regions to promote domestic tourism is a good initiative and must be embraced by all Ugandans and this will help us to increase safaris in Uganda and eventually this will increase tourism earnings. Nakiwolo‘s Wondering as to why many Ugandans line in the international air port to travel to other countries for their holidays is rally a question for Ugandans because Uganda as tourism destination has a lot in terms of tourism moreover untouched or unexploited by tourists. Therefore the best decision Ugandans should take is first to explore the interesting Uganda parks, cultural centers, Reserved natural forests like Mabira, Ugandan best sandy beaches which offer best places for young energetic youth and even elders to relax and have leisure from, Ugandans can also spare time especially on weekends to visit different regions to experience the culture of that region This will not only increase safaris but can even increase understanding of cultures in Uganda and hence creating unity in the country.
Finally Ugandans should come out vividly to support the Miss Tourism Buganda campaign and in this Ugandans should take time visit places such as the Kyagwe Cultural Centre and other cultural centres found in Buganda and other regions in the country Uganda. A visit to such places will enable you to explore more wealth hidden in different cultural regions in Uganda. For the foreign co-operate companies operating in Uganda and even any other big companies should organise different farm trips for their workers to visit various interesting area in Uganda mainly to make their workers to refresh their minds from the daily office stress and when they come back to office I guarantee you that your workers will be creative and innovative as well as hard working than before.
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