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Promoting tourism through sports; Uganda’s apparent aim – Uganda safari news

Following the remarkable inauguration of the Kabale Sports Tourism and its success-fulness, the East Africa Sports Tourism Initiative (EASTI) which happened to be the organizers for the event committed themselves to the annual occurrence of the similar event that seem to be of interest to Uganda safari undertakers.
The sports initiative which is the first of its kind initiated by Ugandans themselves occurred over the last Easter Weekend in the region of Kabale dubbed the Switzerland of Africa because of its magical highlands with cool climatic conditions that have made it a unique destination for travelers on safaris in Uganda. Counts of 200 participants are noted to have attended the event.
There is no trouble in mentioning that the famous Switzerland of Africa is among the highest scenic urban centers in Africa and more significantly a home to the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas which are always encountered on gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda and a range of bird species and the beautiful lake of a thousand islands – Lake Bunyonyi.
In a bid to ensure that these Uganda safari tour products are tapped, the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) adjoined with East Africa Sports Tourism Initiative (EASTI) to put together the Kabale Sports Tourism Festival 2015.
The team leader of the EASTI Aggrey Mwesigwa noted that Kabale was just a starting point and now that the event has proved to be successful, it can be rolled out to other parts of Uganda. With the required finances, the event will have to spur to other regions of Uganda adding to the products that are encountered by travelers on safaris and tours in Uganda.
The key areas to host the event include Mbale for the East, Kasese for west and Nebbi for the north and it would be hosted on rotational basis. The range of corporate organizations and other entities participated in the Kabale pioneer Sports Tourism event including; Nature Uganda, Civil Aviation Authority, Uganda Wildlife Authority, Kabale Local Government, Bank of Uganda, Voice of Kigezi, Crown Beverages among others.
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