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Promotion of chimpanzee conservation in Uganda-Uganda safari News

chimps-kibale npChimpanzees in Uganda are found in kibale national park and in Queen Elizabeth national park. These are interesting animals since they have continuously attracted many people to travel to Uganda in order to enjoy the chimpanzee trekking safaris; this has helped in attracting high revenues with in the country. Conservation of chimpanzees has been made so that they can be protected from being killed and also from being displaced.

Chimpanzees are considered to be the closest relatives to the human beings and their DNA is  similar to each other. These are considered to be the largest apes being seconded by the mountain gorillas which are found in Bwindi impenetrable national park and also in Mgahinga National park, these have also attracted many people who have come for gorilla tracking safaris with in Uganda.

Chimpanzees are considered to be omnivores animals and they eat variety of food which include fruits, insects, seeds and the so called nuts.they also hunt other animals and feed on them some times, these unique characteristics can well be viewed with a chimpanzee safari to Uganda.

The population of Chimpanzees is increasing day by day since there are many conservation projects which are taking place and these have helped at protecting the chimpanzees with in their habitants hence helping in increasing the chimpanzee tracking safaris with in the country and also helping in increasing the revenues of the country.

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