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Promotion of Faith Based Tourism in Uganda.-Uganda safari news

namirembe cathedralFaith based tourism in Uganda is an important tourism activity since it has always attracted many tourists to come for safaris to Uganda, this has greatly helped in increasing the revenues of the country and also helping in developing the tourism sector. It’s promoted mainly because it’s loved by the people from all over the world.

Uganda has got the most special days which have always brought in high numbers of visitors who organize safaris to Uganda, this is the Uganda martyrs day which takes place every 3rd June of every year, this day is mainly happening due to the remembering of the Uganda martyrs who were killed by King Mwanga (a king of Buganda). This day is celebrated and it has always brought in many tourists and also increased revenues.

However, Uganda has got many other religious sites which have also continued to attract more tourists for Uganda Safaris, these include, lubaga cathedral, Namirembe cathedral , Bahai temple and many other more which are visited by different tourists when they come to Uganda.

The government of should has come up to fund this type of tourism since it will help in bringing in a lot of tourists who will come for safari tours and this will help in increasing the revenues of the tourism sector and at the same time developing the country.

Uganda can offer much to the tourists who come for safaris in Uganda apart from the religious sites, these can include; the mountain gorillas , the chimpanzees, the climate, water bodies, the culture of the people, vegetation and landscape, the mountains and variety of wild animals. All these are loved by the tourists who come for trips to Uganda.

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