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Promotion of Rwanda’s tourist attractions to outside world-Rwanda safari News

lions in akageraSeveral tour companies of Rwanda have recently concentrated on marketing and promoting the tourism sector to the outside world. This will help in increasing the number of people who come for safari tours to Rwanda hence increasing the revenues of the tourism sector. Many expos and exhibitions have been made in order to show cases the kind of tourism that Rwanda bears to the outside world.

The government has greatly worked hard in the promotion of the tourism sector and this has helped in providing enough information about the tourist attractions which are found with in Rwanda.it has done this through increased marketing of the sector to the outside world, use of brochures, flyers and many more, this has helped in improving the tourism sector and also help in increasing safari tours to Rwanda.

Rwanda has got many tourist attractions and this has encouraged many tourists to visit Rwanda hence increased safaris, these attractions include; the mountain gorillas which are found in volcanoes national park, the chimpanzees, culture, mountains, lakes and rivers, and many more which are loved by the tourists who travel to Rwanda. Rwanda has also improved its flight schedules and will help in easing the movement of tourists from other countries to Rwanda.

In order to improve tourism with in the national parks, there has been great improvement in the management of the national parks and this has been done through controlling poaching, putting in place laws and regulations which will help in preventing the local people from encroaching the habitants of the wild animals and the national park land.

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