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Prunus Africana; the remarkable flora of Uganda – Uganda safari news

Prunus AfricanaThe Prunus Africana is recorded to be wide spread across the continent of Africa including Uganda where it is explored on Uganda Safaris and tours.

This flora species stand as large diameter trees with beautiful crowns and the canopy that reaches 30 – 40m in elevation as viewed on tours in Uganda. It requires moist climate and around 900 – 3,400mm of rainfall. Prunus Africana is secondary forest species and is noted to be light demanding.

The bark of the Prunus Africana is black to brown, fissured and scaly while its alternate leaves are simple stretching to 8 – 20cm in length.  It has androgynous flowers with 10 – 20 stamens and insect pollinated.  The flowering among the Prunus Africana occurs from October through to May and the fruit is red to brown with two (2) lobes each with a seed and they are beautiful to explore while Uganda tours holidays.

its remarkably known for medicinal and timber production along with being a significant food source for fruit consuming mammals and birds.  As a result of its international demand for medicine, considerable quantities of the barks of Prunus Africana have been extracted which in turn threatens its existence. This tree bark is used to curing malaria, fevers, arrow poison, kidney disease and the Prostate Cancer.

Regarding conservation, lt is listed as vulnerable on the red list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). In Uganda, the Prunus Africana is common in the Uganda safari destinations of Kibale National Park, Rwenzori National Park and Mount Elgon.



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