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Quality time with the oruzogo mountain gorilla family – Uganda safari news

gorilla safari toursSo many travelers around the world enjoy Uganda Primates Trekking Safaris and Tours and they never booked one. Enjoy some quality time with one of Uganda’s thirteen Habituated mountain gorilla families and you will grow to forever remember that experience.
In the elevated Ruhija sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National park rests the habitation of four habituated mountain gorilla families, Kyaguriro, Busingye, Bitukura and Oruzogo which we have chosen to spend some quality time with today.
Oruzogo is a family of 23 members governed and led by an alpha silverback called Tibirikwata. The family gets its name from a plant which the local people call Oruzogo. Habituation of the Oruzogo family took slightly shorter than the normal average time (two years) for habituation. The family’s habituation started in December 2009 and by late 2011 its members had lost their fear for the human race and were ready to receive their first visitors on mountain gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.
Fortunately this family is still non-violent and is one of dearest families to the hearts of tourists. The family has grown over the years due to the effortless work of the group’s females. A number of births have been registered including the birth of twins in March 2012 by a female gorilla called Kakoba. From the last count, the group had a total of sixteen (16) members
Tracking this Mountain Gorilla family during a Uganda Safari is quite challenging due the steepness of the area and the thick vegetation that engulfs the famous Bwindi Impenetrable National park, but the reward at the end of the trail when the gorillas are encountered is a very satisfying experience. The group’s members are known to play around a lot and are very entertaining. They will meet your aspiration of taking that perfect photo to take home and show your family and friends.
Tourists who plan to have a Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park should prepare to meet the group’s famous members like the adorable infants Kanywani (meaning friend), Buchura whose name means the youngest; and Katooto (meaning the littlest one). Mutesi and Birungi the beautiful mothers (each with an infant). Apart from Tibirikwata the alpha of this family, other silverbacks including Bakwate (meaning quick leaner) and Busungu whose name translates as short-tempered. The groups’ blackbacks include Kaganga, Otaka and Bwoba whose name means coward. The group also has a number of playful juveniles including Kashura, Kiromba and Karimi (meaning tongue); a name it got because of the way it plays around with its tongue. Spending some quality time with the Oruzogo family is a worthwhile investment.

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