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Reasons for viewing the eclipse in Uganda-Uganda Safaris & Tours updates

The e090722-01-eclipse-totality-sun-moon-solar_bigclipse is ripe in Uganda and many tourists have decided to take safari tours to Uganda in order to enjoy this appearance, this is to help in increasing the revenues of the country and the tourism sector at large.

The eclipse is to take place on 3rd of November this year and it’s a great opportunity for Uganda since there are many visitors who are coming to Uganda da to view the great eclipse, this will help in increasing the number of safaris to Uganda hence increasing the revenues of the tourism sector.

The reason why you shouldn’t miss the solar eclipse is because these eclipse occurs when the moon completely blocks the sun, which brings about preventing its rays from reaching the earth, this more so brings about the black shadow which is cast on earth. All this scientific magic is to happen in Uganda, hence attracting many tourists to come for safaris in Uganda.

Packwach is the only place where the total eclipse will be able to appear since other places will only be able to receive a partial eclipse, this means that in order to view the total eclipse, one needs to take a safari visit to Uganda. This will help in developing the tourism sector at the same time.

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