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Reduced tourism rankings affect Uganda- Uganda Safaris & Tours updates

kasubi tombs-uganda cultural safrisThe tourism sector in Uganda has been affected many challenges which have resulted into low Uganda safaris, hence affecting the development of the tourism sector in the country and also reduced revenues to the sector.

The tourism stake holders commented that the government has always offered the tourism sector low funds which has become a problem in solving the challenges of the tourism sector. This has brought about reduced safaris to Uganda which has affected the tourism sector.

The government of Uganda should however come up to start funding the tourism sector since it needs more money to take care of its different sectors. This will bring about increased safari tours to Uganda which will later help in developing the tourism sector.

Funding remains the biggest problem for UTB; this has brought about problems like lack of financing to the tourism sector, lack of enough funds to support the marketing of the sector, there is also a possibility that the tourism policy is not favouring most of the stake holders, this has greatly affected safaris in Uganda since there is reduced revenues in the country.

The tourism ranking in Uganda have been drastically falling due to poor management of funds which are given to the tourism sector, the sector is given little funds but even the little the sector is given is poorly managed by the leaders, this has proved a problem since the projects of the sector are not accomplished in time hence affecting safaris with in Uganda thus underdevelopment of the tourism sector.

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