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Registered Tour Operators to Sell Gorilla Permits-Uganda Safari News

mountain gorillasGorillas are the major tourists attractions in Uganda which attract tourists to come for gorilla trekking safaris. The gorillas are very rare and are only found in Bwindi and Mgahinga of Uganda, Rwanda Volcanoes and Virunga of Democratic Republic of Congo. This promotes gorilla visits in these areas since there are the only places where gorillas are found hence boosting tourism sector in these areas.

The tour operators before have not been accessing gorilla permits which has been a problem to their side hence registering few numbers of gorilla trekking tours in Uganda. Fortunately they have been given the opportunity to access the gorilla permits. This will help the tour operators get profits from the permits hence boosting their companies and tourism as well.

The tour operators selling these gorilla permits will also help increase more gorilla visits in Uganda since the tour operators will market the permits to all corners of the world. This will also increase more revenues in Uganda since as the tourists buy the gorilla permits then more revenues are generated. This revenue is invested in the other sectors and infrastructure which attracts more tourists to come and safari Uganda hence making Uganda a tourism destination.

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