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Religious Tours in Africa | Religious Tourism in Africa 2024-2025

African religious trips are a great tour for families, groups, or individuals of all ages during their vacation. You will experience incredible safaris that teach knowledge about different religions and the unique faculty of apologetics that is responsible for defending the faith and hope message of God.

This life experience will lead you on an incredible journey with great faith teachers who will also go ahead to give life-transforming knowledge about the word of God, especially the faith, hope, and creation stories that allow you to appreciate nature in its unique essence during your tour.

A person will then go ahead to tour the different wildlife as important creations spoken of in the bible or Quran during the course of their journey.

Embark to meet committed faith teachers who will give you unforgettable memories as you explore the endless religious destinations in Africa when you visit churches and mosques during the course of your tour. Thus, allowing you to have both Christian-friendly and Halal-friendly tours with a great itinerary that will enlighten you about your faith, a city, national park, church, or village, during the course of your journey.

We welcome visitors from parts of the world like the USA, Europe, or Asia for this tour that will bring you close to people seeking hope.

Although faith tours are rare compared to wildlife excursions, we can assist you in locating your religious destination through a customized itinerary. Book your itinerary and trip today for unbeatable discounts and to experience great faith teachers, fellowships, knowledge teachings from the bible about faith and hope, unique lodgings, and family-friendly tours.

Christian Vacations and Explorations in Africa

Christian tours and vacations are a faith-based tour experience that allows a person to embark on a journey to discover Christianity through different churches with their family or friends to different parts of the earth.  Christianity has the highest population, covering about 49% of the African population, and having various churches and towns in your itinerary is a way to recognize the work of spreading the gospel of God on earth on your tour.

Christian visitors usually come from the USA and Europe.

These travels do not just bring hope to a church through the teachings of the Bible; they also bring the word of God to life in the tourist destinations.

Below are some teachings of hope from the word of God during this tour

  1. Loving God and your neighbor is the greatest commandment taught in the Bible to bring hope to the people.
  2. Living for God as instructed by ministers of God in the Bible.

The teachings of hope are thus a sign to assist a person in relating to God with faith and love for their neighbor as they continue reading the Bible. Both children and adults can benefit and gain hope from the program.

Planning a Muslim-Friendly Safari in Africa

Like a family-friendly Christian safari, Halal-friendly tours can be arranged in North, West, South, and East Africa with the best itinerary of your life. The continent, which holds 41.6% of Muslims, is also a great site to have a Hilal-friendly tour with your family and friends.

A person will connect with a reputable tour operator to lead them through their Muslim-friendly African safaris and bring hope to people in their holiday destination.

Best Places to Go for Faith Tours | Best Africa Religious Safari Tours | Best Destinations for Christian and Halal-Friendly Safaris in Africa

African Religious Trips

The African continent boasts various destinations to go to for your faith tours to experience an unforgettable faith life tour.

Below, we look at the best places to have your African faith trip.

South Africa in Southern Africa

Christianity is the major religion in South Africa, as proven by a 2001 survey that showed that 80% of the population were Christians who believed in the teachings of the Bible. There are various Pentecostal churches, the Protestant church, Catholic churches, and different African traditional religious places to find in a town in this southern African country.

On the other hand, South Africa also ranks among the best destinations for your Hilal-friendly tours. Cape Town has improved different facilities to support Muslim tourists since it is considered the birthplace of Islam, making it a great site for Muslim families or groups who visit South Africa.

Cape Town now has many masjids all over the city to accommodate the many Muslims of the city, making it a good town to add to a Muslim family itinerary. Discover the different Halal restaurants in Johannesburg and Cape Town for a multitude of different safari goers to South Africa.

Muslim communities in Bo Kaap and around attractions like Table Mountain and Lion’s Head, which have a large Muslim community, are thus great for different Muslims. Additionally, having a rich Muslim history that dates back to the 1600s, the Muslim family community has grown among the over 60 million people in the region, and they practice things like honoring the Holy Kramats on Signal Hill near Bakoven Beach.

In addition to the rich Islamic history in the city and town areas, South Africa is famous for different wildlife tours especially on game drives in Kruger National Park and in famous tourist destinations such as Johannesburg and Cape Town. Here, you will get to explore the creations of God through the different safari activities included in your itinerary for this visit. Tours in the country will also allow you to embark on a journey to discover different wildlife, for example, the endangered African Penguins in Southern Cape Town, a multitude of migratory bird species, and incredible views of Table Mountain, in the hope of having a wide view of the city and town.

Another exploration that you may have of this country’s beautiful nature in a city or town is Chapman Peak’s drive at the Cape Peninsular on the western side. Exploring village life closely is also a guarantee.


A faith tour in the south of the African continent will also allow you to explore and bring hope to the life of a family in Zimbabwe and its neighboring countries like Zambia, Botswana, and Namibia.

A Zimbabwe itinerary will give you the chance to journey and visit Kazungula, which is a small settlement in a town site for your tour.  Kazungula village has a crocodile farm where children 10 years of age and younger can visit for free.

Exploring this destination will also give you the chance to visit the famous Victoria Falls. Victoria Falls is one of the natural wonders of the earth shared between Zimbabwe and Zambia.


Kenya in East Africa is home to both Christian safari tours and Islamic faith vacation and itinerary packages for visitors from the USA, Europe, or Asia.  Although the highest population in Kenya is Christians, Kenya has various Muslims, and Hilal-friendly tours can be organized for travelers.

Most Muslim communities live on the coast of Kenya, but they are about 10% of the total community of the country, which is about 53.77 million people. Muslim communities are more common in places like Malindi, Lamu, Mombasa, and small settlement areas.

In addition to your faith tours that provide hope to visitors, you may also visit the different Kenyan plains, for example, the Masai Mara Wildlife Reserve, a famous wilderness for the great Wildebeest Migration. This national reserve, together with other protected areas in Kenya protects different animals, for example, Lions, Leopards, and Elephants, among others. You can explore them on game drives and bush walks, among others. Additionally, you may continue visiting the communities in a village for cultural encounters.

Your tour operator will assist you in booking a Christian-friendly or Muslim-friendly accommodation depending on your faith to enjoy a great itinerary with great discounts that will allow you to save money.


This beautiful destination also has a religious-friendly life experience for various tourists. While the rest of Tanzania has many Christians influenced by USA and European missionaries, Zanzibar at the coast has more Muslim communities, covering 99% of its population due to its Arabic history that dates back many years thus making it one of the most Hilal-friendly points on earth.

The history-rich Zanzibar has lots of halal meals, majids, and Muslim-friendly accommodation, which is a sign that it has a Muslim-friendly life for vacation seekers whether touring in families or a group.

Also, you may explore protected areas in Tanzania for example, the Serengeti National Park which hosts the Great Wildebeest Migration, or the Zanzibar Islands which provide the best vacation life experiences at the coast. Journey to these places through game drives and bush walks with your family, friends, or as an individual to view animals in their natural habitat, for example, Lions, Elephants, Antelopes, and Buffaloes, among others.

The best time to visit Tanzania is from around December to March and June to September.


Unlike many African countries, Mauritius’ larger population belongs to the Hindu and Muslim communities, and it is great to visit for faith tours by both Christian tourists and Muslim families or a group on vacation who bring hope to locals.

It is among the Halal most friendly destinations in the world, with major service providers owned or managed by Muslims. For example, various lodges, KFC, and McDonald’s all create an easier life for any family on vacation, among others.

Its islands possess a beautiful tropical climate, various attractions, and pristine waters to visit for your vacation.

You may combine your trip to Mauritius with other destinations in neighboring countries like Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti National Park, and Arusha National Park for thrilling vacation activities like a game drive.


Uganda has rich comfort for both the Christian family and Muslim tours for travelers from the USA and other parts of the world. There are many vacation destinations for your tour to enjoy your best life and services that favor all religions.

Additionally, travelers can participate in various vacation life experiences during their tours in Uganda for example, safe Gorilla trekking in Uganda in the bush of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and wildlife viewing in Uganda in Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National Park.

Enjoy bush walks, game drives, and game viewing, in an animal-natural habitat, among others, during your trips. You will thus watch the Lions, Elephants, Buffaloes, and Antelopes, among others, when you visit these Uganda safari destinations.

Religious Tours in Africa & Religious Tourism in Africa


This beautiful destination is predominantly Christian dominated, but some of the various services and tours favor Muslim communities.

Seychelles is famous for its turquoise waters at its shores, where you will also meet the amazing white sandy beaches. Travelers usually participate in hiking the beautiful rainforests and exploring the beautiful seashores.

How to Plan Your Religious Missions in Africa

While you prepare for your faith tour safaris, there are various things that you will need to consider for your vacation life experiences. Below, we look at the different things to consider when you are planning your religious tour.

Explain your needs Extensively to your Tour Operator

Knowing your needs or expectations and communicating them to your tour operator is important in planning your trip. This will allow you to prepare for your trip and let your operator know what to consider while preparing for your customized trip.

These could include the quality of game drives that you would like to have, alcohol-free drinks, and mats.

Carry all Your Requirements for Prayer

A prayer trip will most often require you to set aside some time for prayer, so moving with all the things that you will need for your prayer is important.

For Muslim families or groups, you will need a Qibla finder app to assist you in locating the direction of Mecca from any destination in the world and adjusting your gadgets to the local time zone. If you are on a site where there is no network, you may ask your guide to show you the direction to Mecca if you need to pray.

Book Accommodation near your Religious Destination

If you need to go for communal prayers in a church or masjid, then you may be required to book accommodation near the site of worship. This means that you will not stay in the wildlife reserves or national parks but in one of the towns where there is a worship center. More so, accommodations away from parks have more discounts that allow you to save money.

Top Tips from Our Africa Safari Experts for your Religious Safaris

  1. Return to your lodge in the right time zone for prayer or fellowship.
  2. For Muslim visitors, we recommend not traveling during Ramadan because it is physically and mentally draining to travel while fasting.
  3. Prepare for your days ahead accordingly so you can have time for all your activities and prayers during your trip.
  4. Muslim travelers will also need their Qibla finder app to help them locate the direction of Mecca while they have their prayers.
  5. It is important to adjust your gadgets to the local time zone, especially if you have specific prayer times.
  6. Even though most accommodation facilities have spa services for men and women in separate rooms, it is still possible to ask for a separate private session in the comfort of your room.
  7. Make sure that you pack and make copies of your travel documents, for example, a passport and visa.
  8. When planning with your tour operator, inform them of your religious needs so that they can plan for them accordingly. For example, Muslim families or a group can ask for Halal meals that have been prepared according to the proper rites.
  9. There are lots of soft drinks and nonalcoholic refreshments in case you do not take alcohol.
  10. Also, pack your most necessary items, for example, cameras, a pair of binoculars, sunscreen, insect repellant, a backpack, and sunglasses, among others.
  11. It is also important to consider the right attire for your religious trip, depending on your faith.
  12. Muslim travelers who would like to swim should book a lodge with a private plunge swimming pool instead of the communal pools.

Muslim Friendly Lodges, Camps, and Hotels in Africa

African Religious Trips

Below, we look at the best Muslim-friendly lodges, hotels, and camps to have on your itinerary for your faith tour in the African continent to fill people with hope. However, other religions can also stay in these city and town accommodations and experience a comfortable life with family and friends.

  1. Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town

The Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, is a luxurious hotel that has accommodated various celebrities since the 1900s and is a great town for sightseeing.

This hotel in Cape Town provides great facilities like a swimming pool, restaurants with Halal-friendly meals, cafes, and grocery stores for visitors as they visit South Africa.

  1. The Peech Hotel, Johannesburg, in South Africa

This is also a luxury safari hotel in South Africa with very beautiful surroundings and a lovely place to stay with comfort and relaxation with family as you enjoy a serene life experience.

Expect various facilities and services in the hotel in South Africa, for example, a swimming pool and restaurants with Halal meals.

  1. Taj in Cape Town, near Table Mountain

This hotel in Cape Town has a lot of historic buildings that date back through the years and is a great place to stay during your mission safaris. The hotel provides great views of Table Mountain, which is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

There are various facilities in this hotel in Southern Africa to provide you with the best vacation life experiences and services, for example, restaurants with Halal meals and spa services.

  1. The One above is in Cape Town, near Table Mountain

The One and Above Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, is among the best mission safari destinations in South Africa. It provides the best vacation life experiences of views of Robben Island.

Robben Island was the place where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years out of his 27 years in jail. Robben Island has thus become a place to celebrate freedom and democracy.

Visit this amazing hotel in Cape Town and the services or facilities in it, for example, the swimming pool, restaurants serving Halal-friendly meals, and a private kitchen with a kitchen butler.

  1. The One and Only in Cape Town in South Africa

The One&Only hotel in Cape Town is also an amazing place to experience comfortable vacation tours with beautiful views of Table Mountain. Apart from Table, other great attractions in and around the hotel include Lion’s Head and the beautiful neighboring Islamic city, Bo Kaap District.

Experience the best services when you visit this hotel in Cape Town, like a gym, swimming pools, en suite bedrooms, and various living rooms that are great for a family when you visit South Africa.

  1. The Silo in Cape Town in South Africa

This hotel is considered one of the best in Cape Town, with great views of the city, including Table Mountain. The five-star hotel offers incredible high-end services to give you the most comfortable tour adventures in Cape Town, South Africa, on a family vacation.

Be ready to experience the best restaurants with Halal meals, stores, cafes, and Muslim tour guides when you visit this hotel in Cape Town during your vacation tour.

  1. Newmark Properties in Cape Town

This exquisite hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, is the perfect place to discover the Islamic district of Bo Kaap. It is thus a great sign for Muslim travelers to Cape Town from around the world.

Rest in the comfort of different services, for example, Halal meals, visits to Bo Kaap, which is an Islamic city, restaurants that serve Halal meals, prayer directions, and prayer mats for your family and friends.

  1. Lion Sands Properties in Kruger National Park

Lion Sands Properties in Kruger National Park comprises a beautiful environment and an ambiance for great wildlife viewing. Being at Kruger National Park and having the game reserves and national parks only separated by the Sable River, visitors in the Narina Lodge, Tinga Lodge, Ivory Lodge, and River Lodge will be treated to incredible game views in the amazing natural habitat.

At the Lion Sands Properties, a person will embark on game drives and nature walks, among other activities. Thus, Lion Sands Properties is an amazing halal-friendly lodge, as the guides are also instructed to break for prayers during a game drive, and there are no alcoholic drinks served in the rooms.

  1. Sabi Sabi Properties, Sabi Sands Game Reserve

Sabi Sabi Properties in Sabi Sands Game Reserve is near the wildlife-rich Kruger National Park and is one of the luxury properties in South Africa.

The property is made up of Earth Lodge, Bush Lodge, and Little Bush Camp, among others. Enjoy the rich safari activities of the park, for example, a safari game drive and nature walks, where you will view different tourist wildlife, for example, lions, elephants, and buffaloes, among others, etc.

Other lodges that we recommend for both Muslim and Christian safari goers include the following:

  1. Etali Safari Lodge, Madikwe Game Reserve
  2. Lukimbi Safari Lodge, Kruger Private Concession in Kruger National Park
  3. Thornybush Lodges, Kruger National Park
  4. Eka Hotel, Nairobi
  5. Angama Mara Safari Lodge, Maasai Mara
  6. The Oberoi Beach Resort, Mauritius
  7. Saxon Hotel in Johannesburg
  8. Fairlawns Boutique Hotel & Spa in Johannesburg
  9. Sanctury Olonana in Masai Mara
  10. Mahali Mzuri in Masai Mara
  11. Elephant Pepper Camp in Masai Mara
  12. LUX* Belle Mare, Mauritius
  13. Beachcomber Properties, Mauritius
  14. Labriz Resort & Spa, Seychelles which is part of the Hilton Hotel Group

Best Time to Visit Africa for a Religious Tour

Although religious tours can occur in all seasons of the year, the dry season is usually the best to help a person easily move through the different religious destinations on the continent. This is from around December to March and June to September, or during the fall. Cage diving is also good from March to September, but the wet season has fewer people, thus allowing you to save.

This is because a religious trip is usually combined with other wildlife safaris to discover animals, birds, and plants and engage in wildlife activities such as game drives, boat cruises, birding, and bush walks, among others.

Alternatively, you may go exploring the region at the end or beginning of the dry season.

Best African Packages for Mission Safaris

a)    10 days Kruger National Park, Cape Town, and Victoria Falls

b)    8 Cape Town, Kruger National Park, and Victoria Falls

c)     7 days Kruger National Park, Victoria Falls, and Mauritius Tour on the East Coast

d)    5 days Uganda and Rwanda Primates and City Tours

e)     2 days Uganda – Namugongo Uganda Martyrs Shrine, Kampala City Tour

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Religion of Africa? | What are the Main Religions in Africa?

Most Africans follow the Abrahamic religions of Christianity and Islam. However, some practice traditional beliefs, such as Judaism and Hinduism, among others.

How Much is a Mission Trip to Africa? | How Much Does an African Safari Cost per Person

An African mission trip cost depends on the destination that a person would like to visit and different other factors, for example, the level of luxury, the number of days spent on the trip, and the activities a person will participate in, among others.

Therefore, contact your tour operator to discuss the cost of your trip depending on these different factors.

What do People do on Mission Trips to Africa?

Travelers on an African mission trip mostly focus on creating a positive impact in the communities that they visit, for example, by building relationships with the local worship centers, serving in schools and hospitals, and volunteering in other community projects as they gain knowledge about the word of God.

However, travelers on a mission trip will also participate in other adventures like wildlife viewing, birding, and primate trekking in a natural habitat for animals, among others.

What is Africa’s Oldest Religion?

Africa’s oldest religion was the traditional spiritual beliefs that involved worshipping ancestral deities.

What is the Main Religion of Africa?

Christianity is the major religion on the African continent, with East Africa having 66%, Southern Africa at 82%, and Central Africa at 83%. Most people in the West and North are of the Islamic faith, with West Africa having 52% and North Africa having 94%. This thus makes Christianity the predominant religion on the continent.

What is the Spirituality of Africa?

Due to the different religions on the continent, the spirituality of the people depends on their faith, whether they are of the Christian faith, the Islamic faith, traditional faith believers, or other religions. However, the common spiritual belief among all these religions is the existence of a high spiritual power responsible for the creation of all things.

Where is Best for Safari in Africa?

The continent boasts many incredible destinations for your safari, and some of them include Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Malawi, among others.

Why are African Safaris so Expensive?

African safaris are expensive, mainly because of the costs of conservation in the protected areas. However, there are other reasons why an African safari would be expensive for a traveler, for example, length of stay, activities to do on the safari, and park entrance fees, among others.

What is the Big Five Safari in Africa?

A Big Five trip is a tour experience of the five major animals that were considered the hardest to hunt on foot in their natural habitat.  These are the Elephants, Lions, African Buffalo, and Rhinos.

Ready to Start Planning Your Halal-Friendly Safari?

Religious excursions in Africa are an incredible experience to help a person discover the different religious sites and practices and help spread the word of God on the continent.  If you have not yet gotten a search criteria for your next destination of a religious tour, we can help you decide through our many choices. Visitors are welcome from every part of the world, including the USA, Europe, and Asia.

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Contact us today for your amazing religious trip to experience the best of African mission holidays.