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tree planting in UgandaUganda lying on the Equator is a home to diverse tree species which have formed different forested areas and therefore leading to safaris in Uganda. According to the National Forest Plan 2011/2012 to 2020/21, with in a period of 15 years from 1990, Uganda’s forest cover had reduced by about 1.3 million hectares. The rate of loss of forest cover has great effects for wildlife, biodiversity and safaris to Uganda and also exposes the destination to climatic change.

Restoring this forest cover is being hindered by inadequate funding. On realizing this, the Parliament under section 40 of the national forestry and tree planting Act 2003 has established a national Tree Funding. The funding was established in order to promote tree planting and growing at national and local level and also away of supporting tree planting and growing efforts among the local people for a non-commercial nature which are of benefit to the public.  Planting trees will increase the habitats of our forest birds and other wildlife and thus increasing Uganda Safaris.

Unfortunately this seems not to be the case. More than a decade now, the National tree fund has never been operationalized. According to a letter of 14th August 2013, written by Mr. Keith Muhakanizi to the Permanent secretary of the Ministry of Water and Environment explained the reason why the fund has not been operationalized. Following the Creation of the National forestry Authority (NFA), the government has continued to Finance its activities from the Combined Fund. The activities previously anticipated to be facilitated from the fund are, therefore, directly under the NFA said Mr. Muhakanizi. Tree planting is not only beneficial in terms of money but also it offers benefit to the environment, human and climate. Uganda safaris encourages tree planting has one of the best option to Save our environment from destruction caused by soil erosion, climatic change and others

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