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Restrictions to free flow of tourists in East Africa-Uganda Safaris

airportUganda safaris are to be affected because some East African countries are not freeing their boarders to free movement of tourists to the respective tourist attractions in their countries.
Safaris to Uganda are bound to reduce because Tanzania and Kenya tourism personnel are restricting the movement of visitors by putting rules and regulations to guide their tour operators from stiff competition.
Uganda tour operators said that while Uganda as a country allows registered vehicles which are carrying tourists to enter the border of Uganda and access specific tourist attractions, Kenya does not allow those of Uganda to enter into Nairobi to access the attractions. This has affected Uganda’s tourism sector since safari visits have been completely reduced.
On the other side, Uganda doesn’t tax Tanzania tour operators who come to Uganda to either pick or bring tourists, but it’s just on the same for The Tanzania  tour operators who always charge 100 dollars for the Ugandan tour operators. Many tour safaris are bound to be rejected since tourists are burden to cross borders.
There is always an assurance of Tanzanian vehicles entering into Uganda to access the sites, but Uganda’s vehicles are always taxed for entering with their vehicles to Tanzania. This is proving a problem since Uganda has always allowed both Tanzania and Kenya vehicles to enter Uganda freely. This will always affect safaris in Uganda since the rate of restriction is high.
This practice of restrictions to the movement of tourists is a poor exercise since it leads to underdevelopment of the tourism sector because there is always lack of tourist movements to view the tourists attractions hence affecting tour adventures.
In order to improve safaris in Uganda, the committee of East African Community has raised a concern over the several restrictions which are mainly posed by Tanzania and Kenya to stop since Uganda is being affected by such restrictions and also to allow tour operators from either Kenya or Tanzania to open up for competition.
More so, the committee has decided that the three east African countries to come together and define how to free the movement of all tour vehicles so that Uganda can also benefit from its safaris.

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