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rubaga cathedralAlso known as Saint Mary’s Cathedral, Rubaga Cathedral is the main center of the Catholic Church in Uganda and has got a rich heritage and architectural design that makes it worth encountering while on Uganda safari tour.
Situated in the west of Kampala , Rubaga cathedral is within Rubaga division 3km from the Kampala city center and lies along the coordinates of 0°18’09.0″N, 32°33’08.0″E. Thus, the site can be visited by travellers on safari in Uganda as they transfer to south western Uganda destinations like Queen Elizabeth National Park known for wildlife safaris and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park known for gorilla trekking safaris.
The Kabaka Muteesa I the King of Buganda who ruled from 1856 – 1884 abandoned the hill after his palace had been consumed by fire. The land was later to be given freely to catholic missionaries by his son and successor Kabaka Mwanga II in 1889 and by 1914, the catholic missionaries had begun construction which came to an end in 1925 and on 31st December, 1925, it was declared St. Mary’s Cathedral Rubaga.
The Cathedral has a cemetery where a range of religious prominent servants including the first African catholic Bishop Joseph Kiwanuka lay in rest and can be visited while on Uganda safaris. Besides the exterior magnanimous architecture of the cathedral, it has got impressive interior décor with great attachment to the Uganda Martyrs and other symbols of catholic significance thus worthy of being included on traveler’s while planning a safari to Uganda.
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