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Rwanda appreciated by ICTP for its move towards tourism

The International coalition of Tourism Partners that appreciated Rwanda for its tourism move .The Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) is a tourism and travel coalition of worldwide destinations aimed at ensuring good quality service provision and green growth. In its endeavors the coalition involves the communities with which they work as well as their stakeholders to share quality and green opportunities like tools,resources ,education as well as training, sales and marketing, and access funds and ensure equal development opportunities.ICTP supports the UN millennium development goals,UN World Tourism Organization’s global code of ethics for tourism as well as different projects that strengthen them and has over 62 members worldwide including Rwanda.

Rwanda has been shown appreciation by ICTP for its generous move to issue entry visas to various guests from any part of Africa either one is passing through or staying on landing into The Republic of Rwanda on arrival at any of its entry point and this was effective from 1st December 2013.This is intended to boost its tourism as well as increase on the revenue of the country.

Rwanda is using its biometric based entry application method for the citizens alongside the on line visa application method which is applicable to its foreign visitors. The tourism sector is said to be contributing a big portion to the socioeconomic development of the country. Tourism development is also one of the leadership visions of Rwanda as mentioned by the ICTP President Prof.Geoffrey Lipmann, who also said that this is in line with ICTP’s vision of controlling streamlined borders and an important mechanism for publicizing the amazing national parks of Rwanda which possess magnificent tourist attractions such as its unique mountain gorillas. Rwanda also boosts of several amazing activities like the gorilla ceremony that was held last year helps attract thousands of people including tourists.

From ICTP’S information, this body is pleased with Rwanda Development Board being its member and shall thus ensure a healthy working relationship with them .ICTP also promised to come up with initiatives in Africa’s green growth transformation and the global movement to ease transport and job opportunity generation for people in this field and generally improve people’s livelihoods and standards of living.

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