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Rwanda Development Board to promote tourism potentials-Rwanda safari news

Rwrwanda safarisanda Development Board has partnered up with an international organization which is based in Washington Dc in order to help in tourism development and marketing of the sector to the outside world. This campaign is mainly focused at promoting Rwanda’s tourism potentials. This will help in increasing safaris to Rwanda.

The company has got international expertises and has larger experience of boosting the tourism sector in east Africa. This will help in promoting Rwanda as tourist destination and also helping in attracting many tourists to tour Rwanda. This in return will help in increasing the number of safaris and the revenues generated from the tourism sector.

Rwanda will be promoted as a tourist destination in East Africa and this will help in distinguishing the country from other countries of East Africa. This will help in providing information about the country’s extensive nature and the culture- based tourism attractions which are found in Rwanda. However, this will help in bringing in many tourists to the country.

This will function in hand with the single tourist visa which is being promoted among the East African countries, this joint Visa will help in promoting the increase in the number of tourists who come for safari tours to Rwanda. It will also help in promoting domestic tourism which has been lacking in all the East African countries.Hence This will help in improving the tourism sector.

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