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Rwanda an exceptional African Destination: Rwanda Safari News

wildlife in RwandaRepublic of Rwanda also well Known as the country of a Thousand Hills is a beautiful and small country which is located in the Eastern and Central Africa just few degrees south of Equator. It is an exceptional destination in Africa whereby booking your safaris to Rwanda enables visitors to have an ultimate African Safari experience. The country’s dominant green grasslands rise up from the Lakes and plains and lakes the borders of eastern parts of Africa to join a beautiful mountain range that begins from north to south and this makes the country of Thousand Hills a best upmarket holiday destination. The country which is characterized by small highlands and plateaus is an important supplier of water for the great Nile and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Formally the country which was occupied by the Twa Pygmy who still up to now makeup a small population of the country’s inhabitants, Rwanda is occupied by the Hutu tribe who have lived in the country for a long time and the tribe’s main source of living is subsistence farming. Being a country mainly dominated by the two tribes, Tutsi tribe who are cattle keepers are the second tribe to the Hutu and as well as different people from different parts of the world know that the two tribes of Hutu and Tutsi ones had a historical misunderstandings that was fuelled by the individual interests of the Rwanda’s colonists, the country has witnessed a progressive reconciliation and peaceful co-living exhibited by intermarriages between the two long battled tribes. Therefore the differences between the two have been eaten up by the current changes of shared culture and hence your safari to Rwanda will avail you an opportunity to enjoy the new unique cultures exhibited in the great Rwanda.
However, the country which has ever witnessed one of the worst blood shades in the year 1994 for a period of 3 to 4 months, Rwanda has totally transformed at an extent that a visitor cannot even recognize that the country was ones affected by the genocide and the change is attributed by the country’s copying the south Africa’s reconciliation and Truth forums which has many of the guilty to interact face to face with the friends and relatives of their former victims and also the current country’s government has emphasized on the country’s natives and citizens to be recognizes as Rwandans but not Tutsi or Hutu. Also an upper hand from the international community has helped the country by providing economic aid with the intension of uplifting the communities and families which were affected by genocide and these has led to urban infrastructural developments.
The most interesting reason as to why tourists should take safari tours to Rwanda is that the small country is blessed with the natural habitat and wildlife. Rwanda’s national parks act as homes to diverse animal and plant species and some of these animal species include even the unique human-like primates that include gorillas and even the chimpanzees as well as diverse bird’s species. It’s one of the specific destination countries in the whole world were one can enjoy tracking the rare and incredible human brother called the Mountain Gorilla and besides gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda, the country also organizes each and every year in the month of June the celebrations if Kwita Izina, which is the Rwandans naming events also organized to express the current ongoing plight of the mountain gorilla and it’s an event which no visitor should miss because it even attracts different dignitaries from all the corners of the world.
As gifted as the country is, one attraction is not the one reason one should undertake safaris and tours in Rwanda, there are other interesting places such lake Kivu which is beautiful and containing various parts of stunning towns in the lake side and also the surrounding beaches which offer relaxation and refreshment opportunities to visitors with the country’s high altitude montane.
Rwanda has a vibrant and developed capital city and visitors interested in experiencing the country’s cultural performances, hotels, lodges, exceptional beautiful beaches can find life interesting in this city of Kigali heavily encountered by travellers on Rwanda safaris and tours.
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