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Rwanda good in E- Tourism-Rwanda safari News

Rwanda as a ce tourismountry has been selected as one of the best country at using E- tourism in Africa. This development is mainly between United Nations and the Microsoft organisation, this is mainly to improve ICT systems and tools for tourism economies so as to improve the product quality. Support skills, competitiveness, Rwanda has greatly benefited from this project since it has earned increasing revenues.

The partnership between the two organizations was announced in Cape Town during a meeting were Rwanda emerged as the best country to use e- marketing and E- tourism. This programme will help in driving economic growth for countries like Rwanda and many other African countries. This will also help in developing knowledge based economy, create employment opportunities and also enable innovation.

E- Tourism in Rwanda will greatly help in attracting more tourists to the country. This is because the visitors will be interested in traveling to the country, this will be through the online reservations, marketing, and instant confirmation by the tourists, it will help in increasing the revenues of Rwanda and also developing the country.

 Rwanda’s tourism has been increasing for a long time and this means that the number of tourists has been high for the last years, this is mainly because of the mountain gorillas which are found in volcanoes, there are also many other tourist attractions like, the chimpanzees, birds, national parks, city tours and the culture of the people of Rwanda.

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