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Rwanda Islands to be protected to boost Tourism-Rwanda safari News

Rwanda safarisTourism in Rwanda is the major foreign exchange earner and therefore has developed the country through the revenues earned from the tourists on their safaris to Rwanda. The sector therefore needs to be catered for so as it remains developing so as to have more development in the economy of Rwanda thus economic growth if the revenue is properly allocated and employment opportunities given to people.

The Islands in Rwanda are one of the most tourist attractions in Rwanda that have increased more safaris in Rwanda. These islands have very many attractions on and around them including the National Parks, Lake Kivu, forests and so many others which tourists safari while on their Rwanda safaris therefore the islands need to be protected if Rwanda’s Tourism is to be taken to a higher step hence having more Rwanda safari visits.

Many local people will benefit from the protection of the islands because as tourists come for Rwanda safari they will boost the economy through the revenues and this will lead to the creation of jobs through the development of other sector. This will help the local people earn money hence fight poverty therefore this is done for the well being of the local people as well. This will therefore make Rwanda a better place to live in hence boosting the tourism sector as well as having more safaris in Rwanda

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