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Rwanda Makes a New Mobile Lab to Boost Its COVID-19 Testing Capacity

Rwanda Makes a New Mobile Lab to Boost Its COVID-19 Testing Capacity

Rwanda’s new Mobile Lab unit was set to will increase its COVID-19 testing capacity hence strengthening the quick response to the pandemic. Rwanda received the equipment from the East African Community in April 2020 and the mobile lab will make easy COVID-19 testing countrywide.

“This lab will almost double our COVID-19 testing capacity and its mobile nature will facilitate mass testing throughout the country,” says the Director-General of Rwanda Biomedical Centre, Dr Sabin Nsanzimana.

The uniquely-fitted vans are equipped to carry out the same function as a laboratory, a great addition to increase the number of samples tested per day using the available 3 testing equipment. Sampling and testing units will be deployed nationwide to all priority districts with suspected COVID-19 Coronavirus cases which will as well reduce on the turnaround time since samples will not be transported to Kigali first.

The mobile laboratory is equipped with test kits and personal protective gear including gloves, gowns, masks, goggles and shoe protectors. The mobile labs will focus on sampling a range of specimens for Polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Rwanda as an Africa Safari Destination

The biggest public secret is that Rwanda is the beautiful home of mountain gorillas, given the fact that Rwanda is home to close 200 gorillas that are found in Rwanda’s Virunga ranges, Rwanda has positioned itself as the destination of choice for a stunning gorilla experience. Amazingly Rwanda has more to offer to you on top of your spectacular Rwanda gorilla safari tours experience in Volcanoes National Park. Rwanda is also home to the shy golden monkeys that are in Nyungwe Forest National Park and wildlife in Akagera National Park. However, when you crown up your short Rwanda safari experience in those parks never miss out a Lake Kivu safari on your safari Rwanda.

Rwanda Makes a New Mobile LabBest Time to Visit Rwanda

Every time can be the best time but then there is always the best time for Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris, but then how do you know. Right here is the response to that. Volcanoes National Park -the Rwanda gorilla safaris destination is open all year round for tourists who come in for quality gorilla trekking safaris. Although Rwanda gorilla tours are regarded as a year-round activity, the best time to visit Rwanda for a Rwanda gorilla tour is during the short dry season in Rwanda. However, take note that the gorillas are present all year round, with a great record of sightings that give you a chance to interact with these gorillas for a maximum of an hour.

Best Time for Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safaris

Rwanda gorilla safarisThe dry season is the best tome for Rwanda gorilla safaris and the country has two seasons.

June to September

This is the peak season and the longest dry season in Rwanda. It is apparently one of the best times for Rwanda gorillas trekking safaris. Getting to the park is easy because the roads are often dry and the hiking trails are not muddy and slippery as it is in the wet season. Tourists interested in gorilla trekking in Rwanda during this time must book their gorilla permits in advance as there is a very high demand for permits, so if you book late, you may miss out. This can be done through your Rwanda Gorilla trekking tour operator.

December to February

This is the short dry season in Rwanda and also one of the best times to trek the endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda. Gorilla trekking trails are also easy to access in this period and birding safaris in Rwanda are perfect because migratory birds are present. Since it’s a dry season remember to carry along sunglasses, a hat and sunscreens alongside all of the other necessary safari equipment.

In the wake of the New Coronavirus outbreak, please note that Immigration follows directives of the Ministry of Health and the openness does not in any way expose the country to a possible Coronavirus breach.

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