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Rwanda one of the places with Mountain Gorillas

gorilla safaris in ugandaRwanda is among the few countries with the rare mountain gorillas which are found in Volcanoes National. This therefore has attracted very many safaris to Rwanda so as carry out gorilla trekking a unique experience that amazes tourists on their safaris in Rwanda and Uganda. The other place where gorilla tracking is carried out is Uganda in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorillas National Park.

Gorilla tracking is tiresome as tourists are hiking to the volcanoes since it is not easy. This needs a lot of energy however after reaching the gorillas, tourists forget about the hardships they pass through in the volcanoes. They are always led by the guides through the forests to reach the gorillas and the guides also di9rect the tourists on what to do while with the gorillas. This therefore makes their gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda and Uganda the best.

Time spent with the gorillas is the best to the tourists on their gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. This is so because tourists get to see how the gorillas interact with each other, how they play, eat, feed and also construct their nests. This amazes the tourists and they get the pictures of the gorillas therefore having the best experience while on their gorilla tracking safaris in Rwanda and Uganda.

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