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The mountains of Virunga that  form a boarder point of the countries of Rwanda, DR Congo and Uganda support a count of 480 mountain gorillas which is  more than half of the global population of mountain gorillas. The other section of mountain gorillas (400) is known to thrive in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park of Uganda. Rwanda features one gorilla protected area destination in the names of Volcanoes National Park which apparently supports a count of ten (10) groups of gorillas habituated for gorilla safaris in Rwanda

Taking a look into the gigantic silverback’s eyes and the silverback itself looking convinced that you are another member sheds off the anxiety that you would have accumulated during the trekking experience. It can be acknowledged that gorilla trekking safari which is now listed as the greatest African safari is a prime lifetime encounter that is beyond traditional wildlife viewing.

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Gorilla Safari in Rwanda– 1 Day gorilla-tours The shortest tour in Rwanda that you can have to see Gorillas in Rwanda. more
Rwanda Gorilla safari holiday Adventure – 2 days rwanda gorilla trekking safari Visit Volcanoes NP for the Rwanda gorilla trekking safari experience. more
Trekking Gorillas in Rwanda & Dian Fossey – 3 days rwanda gorilla safaris Tour mountain gorillas in Rwanda & also take on the Dian Fossey Trek. more
Track Rwanda mountain Gorillas twice- 4 Days Mountain Gorilla Safari Rwanda This Rwanda Gorilla safari gives you a chance to track different gorilla groups or the same group if you wish. more
Gorillas trekking in Rwanda & mountain Climbing – 4 days bisoke-hike-rwanda safari Rwanda Gorilla trekking tour , track primates & mountain climb adventure more
Gorillas trekking – 4 days bisoke-hike-rwanda safari Enter into the jungle to search for the shy mountain endangered gorillas in Rwanda. Requirements like firm walking shoes, hut more
4 Days Gorilla Safari in Rwanda & Golden Monkey golden-monkey-volcanoes Visit Rwanda and see mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park and hike Karisimbi mountain. more
Safari in Rwanda with Dian Fossey Hike – 4 Days dian-fossey-rwanda-safari Hike to the Dian Fossey Site to encounter the works of the famous American Primatologist who is credited more
5 Days Gorilla and Chimpanzee Safari in Rwanda gorilla safari tour in rwanda Safari in Rwanda to Volcanoes and Nyungwe Forest National Parks features two main Primate destinations of Rwanda more
Rwanda Gorilla Tour Safari holiday – 5 days rwanda primate safari tour Visit Rwanda see mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park and hike Karisimbi mountain. more
5 Days Gorillas & Wildlife Safari in Rwanda rwanda-tour-gisozi-memorial Trek Mountain Gorillas safari in Rwanda & then to Akagera NP which is the largest in Rwanda more
5 Days Gorilla and Wildlife Safari rwanda primate safari tour The safari takes you to Volcanoes NP where mountain gorillas are found and then the Akagera NP which is the largest in Rwanda and the only savannah more
5 Days Gorillas in Uganda & Rwanda gorillas-in-rwanda After an early cup of coffee, prepare for briefing from the park officials. Enter into the jungle to search for the shy mountain gorillas more
5 Days Gorillas in Uganda & Rwanda queen-elizabeth-np The Safari is a cross boundary safari package that allows you to track gorillas & Wildlife viewing more
Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari – 6 Days Baboons in Uganda This Rwanda Safari features gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park & chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest NP more
6 Days Rwanda Primate Safari white-colobus-monkey-rwanda safaris with great biodiversity including the 13 Primate Species such as the Chimpanzees, the Black and White Colobus Monkeys, the L’Hoest’s monkey, more
Gorilla & Wildlife Safari in Rwanda 6 Days gorilla-safari-in-rwanda The Safari incorporates gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking, the tour twin lakes of Ruhondo and Bulera, the Musaze Caves exploration more
Rwanda Gorilla Safari- 7 Days mountain-gorillas-1day rwanda safari The 7 Days Gorilla, Chimpanzee & Wildlife Safari in Rwanda with Lake Kivu is an extensive but relaxed safari. more
Rwanda, Uganda Gorilla Tracking tour- 7 days gorilla safari tour in rwanda The Rwanda Uganda Safari starts and ends at Kigali . It blends of primate tracking, culture with wildlife more
Safari in Rwanda 8 Days white-colobus-monkey-rwanda safaris The Safari features the most interesting Rwanda safari destinations including the Akagera National Park , the Nyungwe National Park,Lake Kivu more
Rwanda Safari- 9 Days gorilla-safari-in-rwanda This Rwanda tour incorporates the golden monkey, mountain gorilla trekking and Caves Exploration in the Musaze. more
Rwanda Gorilla Safari- 11 Days mountain-gorillas-1day rwanda safari This safari offers Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee & Wildlife as an extensive Rwanda safari encounter. more

Chimpanzee Safari in Rwanda 2 Days chimp-inrwanda The Safari takes you to the largest montane forest in Rwanda Nyungwe Forest National Park more
2 Days Wildlife Safari to Akagera NP nile-crocodiles-akagera Visit the famous River Akagera teeming with aquatics including the Nile Crocodiles, Hippos birds more
Safari to Nyungwe NP– 3 days nyungwenp-monkeys The activities range from the chimpanzee trekking experience, the colobus monkey tracking more
Rwanda Wildlife Safari to Akagera NP – 3 Days akageranp-giraffee The safari features magical wild game viewing in the largest savannah habitat in Rwanda that contains a myriad of wildlife more
5 Days Wildlife & Chimpanzee Safari in Rwanda chimps-of-nyungwe The 5 Days Wildlife & Chimpanzee Safari in Rwanda to Akagera and Nyungwe Forest National Park more

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