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Rwanda Safari Holidays Africa, Rwanda Safaris & Tours, Safari in Rwanda, Rwanda Safari Visit

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Rwanda Safari Holidays Africa, Rwanda Safaris & Tours, Safari in Rwanda, Rwanda Safari Visit

Rwanda Safari Holidays in Africa, Rwanda Safaris & Tours, Safari in Rwanda, Rwanda Safari Visit

Rwanda Safaris: For those interested in doing a gorilla safari in Rwanda Africa or an African wildlife safari in Rwanda to tour Rwanda cultures, people and scenery, the following are common questions for who ever wants to safari Rwanda have been answered for you to make your safaris in Rwanda easy to undertake. What time is it in Rwanda? Is it safe to visit Rwanda? Do I need a Rwanda Visa? What is the best time to visit Rwanda? It is noted that while planning to visit Rwanda, a range of travel questions do arise and here at Prime Uganda safaris we attempt to answer them for the benefit of those that take safaris to Rwanda. map-of-rwanda

Rwanda’s history as Rwanda Safari product

Rwanda was a monarchical Kingdom right from the pre-colonial era with three tribal groups namely the Bahutu who were the majority 85%, the Batutsi 14% and Batwa who comprised 1%. These people had different modes of livelihood as the Tutsi were cattle keepers, the Batwa were cultivators while the Twa were hunter gatherers. The Kingship was in the hands of the Batutsi and the leadership was hereditary. Since there were no overlapping interests, the traditional Rwanda was at peace and these three tribal groups despite the distinct differences, they lived together in the society harmoniously. These tribal groups are noted to have varying ethnic origins with the Bahutu belonging to the Bantu group while the Tutsi belonged to the Hamitic groups from the north east of Africa. The Batwa are indigenous to the region of East Africa. The political history commences with King Rwabugiri’s reign that ascended the throne in the year 1860 and expanded the Kingdom as far as the present state of Rwanda on a feudal arrangement. In the period 1887 – 1914, the traditional highlands of Rwanda became of interest to the Europeans and in the year 1894, Count Von Götzen a German national visited the court of Rwabugiri. Unfortunately, the King passed away the following year and the succession turmoil had to arise and the Germans took advantage of the situation and conquered Rwanda in addition to Burundi forming the Ruanda- Urundi territory for their mighty Kaiser.  The German rule did not last long as her colonies were taken from it following its defeat in the World War 1 1914 – 18 a decision that was taken in the hall of mirrors in France under the Versailles Settlement of 1919. The Belgians took over until 1962 following the League of Nations resolution in 1924 that granted Belgium the responsibility of managing the colony. However, it should be noted that the Belgian were already in Congo with the center of administration in Brussels. When Ruanda – Urundi was added, the administration was left in the hands of the Tutsi as it was traditionally and took advantage of the differences in these two major tribal groups. The colonialists introduced forced labor targeting the Hutu as the workers but put the Tutsis as their supervisors which spoilt the relations between these two local groups without realizing who exactly the enemy was. In the year 1993, every individual in Rwanda was required to have an identity card showing the tribe. The relations between these two groups worsened in the 1950s and the few educated Hutus started to mobilize against the Tutsi culminating into the 1959 Rwandan Revolution which put many Tutsis in exile including the then reigning Mwami Kigeri who was 25 years old then. Elections were conducted in the process of preparing Rwanda for independence and Gregory Kibanda emerged the winner and was one of the Hutu manifesto authors. He led the provisional government up to the independence time. However, in the neighboring Urundi, the Tutsi managed to persist and a joint Tutsi and Hutu party won the 1961 elections under the leadership of Prince Rwagasore who was Mwami’s eldest son. Though he was assassinated a little time after, the incident did not lure Burundi into an ethnic conflict. In the year 1962, Rwanda attained her independence and it became a republic and it was when the name changed from Ruanda to Rwanda. However, Urundi maintained a constitutional monarchy but name also changed to Burundi. Gregory Kaibanda under his Party for the Emancipation of the Hutu (Parti du Mouvement de l’Emancipation du Peuple Hutu) won the first Presidential election and by the name of the party, one can tell what his government policy would focus on.

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Wildlife Safaris in Rwanda

The Wildlife Safaris in Rwanda presents memorable Rwanda safari experience that is exclusive of mountain gorillas. The Akagera National park in the east of Rwanda is the only gazetted Rwanda safari park that presents a congregator habitat for the myriad of wild game and flora that making it the ideal spot to undertake wild game viewing. The Akagera National Park features a myriad of wild game including; savanna elephant, the topi, the Cape buffalo, the zebra, the roan antelope, the defassa waterbuck, eland, the duiker, the bohor reedbuck, the oribi, the klipspringer, the impala and bushbuck which combine to make wild game viewing in Rwanda memorable. Our wildlife safaris feature history, culture, primate tracking including Chimpanzees and Black and White colobus monkey other than mountain gorillas, water recreation both on Lake Ihema and Lake Kivu and the general nature experience. Explore the wildlife safaris in Rwanda with Prime Safaris and Tours Ltd for the guaranteed safari memories.

chimp-inrwandaA Rwanda Safari taking you to the largest montane forest in Rwanda Nyungwe Forest.

nile-crocodiles-akageraVisit the famous River Akagera teeming with aquatics including the Nile Crocodiles, Hippos..

nyungwenp-monkeysThe activities range from the chimpanzee trekking experience, the colobus monkey tracking..

akageranp-giraffeeThe safari features magical wild game viewing in the largest savannah habitat..

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