Rwanda Gorilla Safaris – 1 Day

The shortest mountain gorilla trekking Self Drive Tour in Rwanda that you can have. Read More

2 Days Gorilla Safari in Rwanda to tour Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park & Kigali City

Visit Volcanoes NP for the Rwanda gorilla trekking Self Drive Safari experience. Read More

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tour & Dian Fossey – 3 Days

Tour Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda & also take on the Dian Fossey Trek. Read More

8 Days Uganda Tour, Gorilla Trekking, Chimpanzee Tracking, Wildlife Viewing Tour

This Rwanda Gorilla self safari gives you a chance to track different gorilla groups or the same group if you wish. Read More

4 days double Rwanda Gorilla trek tour

Rwanda Self Drive Gorilla trekking tour , track primates & mountain climb adventure. Read More

Gorilla Safari in Rwanda; 5 Days

Visit Rwanda on Self Drive Safari see mountain gorillas in Volcanoes NP and hike Karisimbi mountain. Read More

5 Days Gorilla and Wildlife Safari in Rwanda

Trek Mountain Gorillas safari in Rwanda self drive & then to Akagera NP which is the largest in Rwanda. Read More

6 days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari – 6 Days

This Rwanda Self Drive Safari features gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park & chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest NP. Read More

7 Days Gorilla Safari Holiday in Rwanda

The Rwanda Self Drive Safari starts and ends at Kigali . It blends of primate tracking, culture with wildlife. Read More

8 Days Gorilla safari in Rwanda

The Rwanda Self Drive Safari features the most interesting Rwanda safari destinations including the Akagera NP, the Nyungwe NP, Lake Kivu. Read More

9 Days Gorilla Safari Holiday in Rwanda

This Rwanda Self Drive safari tour incorporates the golden monkey, mountain gorilla trekking and Caves Exploration in the Musaze. Read More

11 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari uganda tour

This Rwanda Self Drive safari offers Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee & Wildlife as an extensive Rwanda safari encounter. Read More

Our Rwanda Self Drive Car hire Fleet.

We have a reasonable amount of 4×4 self drive vehicles available for rent in Rwanda. Our fleet of vehicles include self drive 4×4 safari Toyota Landcruisers, self drive 4WD Toyota RAV4, 4×4 safari-tour vans/safari minibuses.

4X4 Ordinary Land cruisers For Hire/Rent in Uganda

4X4 self drive Landcruisers rental in Rwanda / 4×4 self drive cars hire In Rwanda /4X4-4WD safari cars for self drive hire in Rwanda

4×4 Landcruisers for self drive hire in Rwanda are here for you at affordable rates. Book and rent a self drive 4×4 safari Landcruiser in Rwanda and drive your Safari all through Rwanda`s tourist destinations at your pace, time, and on your plan. Some of our Rwanda 4×4 self drive Land cruisers have pop up roofs customised for safari game drives well others are ordinary in their factory make. Enjoy your tour in Rwanda and her rural countryside or travel within Rwanda towns safe yet cheaply.( Terms and conditions apply). Read More

4X4 self drive safari vans hire in Rwanda/ Rwanda 4×4 self drive tour vans rental

4X4 self drive safari vans hire in Rwanda/ Rwanda 4×4 self drive tour vans rental

4X4 Self Drive safari vans hire in Rwanda-If you are looking for a 9 seater tour /safari van for self drive rental in Rwanda, it is available for your Rwanda safari. Our 4×4 Self drive safari vans for hire are customized, carry up to 9 pax, well maintained, have air conditioners, and can go on all terrain in Rwanda for your self drive safari in Rwanda. Read More

Toyota RAV4 (ALA49R MY14) Cruiser wagon-4th generation

4X4 self drive Rav4 hire in Rwanda / Rwanda 4×4 Rav4 self drive safari cars rental in Rwanda

Self Drive 4×4 Toyota RAV4 rental in Rwanda are becoming popular for less that three travellers in Rwanda. They are 4WD full time, have a high ground clearance, equipped with AC, Strong on the road, good at fuel consumption and very affordable. Contact us and hire a self drive 4×4 Rav4 for your Rwanda safari with a big boot for your luggage at just the cheapest rates in Rwanda. Read More

Our Fleet of Vehicles for your 4×4 Self Drive Car Rental Uganda / Self Drive 4WD Car hire in Uganda.

Our Fleet for 4×4 self drive car hire in Uganda Kampala include 4×4 self drive safari Landcruisers, 4WD Toyota RAV4 and 4×4 Safari Tour mini vans. We cater for all budgets and special needs. Our cars have ABS Brake system, Air conditioner, internet can be arranged, GPS are comprehensively insured. Inquire with our Uganda self drive car hire department and book now to avoid disappointment.

Saloon Car hire in Uganda

Saloon Car hire in Uganda

Our small car hire range provides economic travel in Uganda for the budget-conscious.Our prices range from 40-60 Us dollars per day dry lease inclusive of a driver but without Fuel. Our car hire is based on limited mileage and applies to travel within Uganda.( Terms and conditions apply). Read More


4X4 Safari Land cruisers hire in Uganda

One of the best known 4WD safari Land cruiser hire in Uganda that you can use for your safari in Uganda’s Parks and Rural countryside. Our 4×4 safari Land cruiser rental in Uganda is based on unlimited mileage and applies to travel within Uganda.( Terms and conditions apply). Read More

4X4 Safari Vans For Hire in Uganda

4X4 safari vans hire in Uganda- 4WD safari mini bus rental in Uganda

Looking for 4X4 Safari Van hire in Uganda, Prime Uganda Safaris is available to your service. We have customized 4WD safari mini buses rental for Uganda safaris that have demonstrated the capacity to access distant Uganda Safari destinations. Read More


Luxury car hire Uganda / Luxury car Rental in Kampala Uganda

We have luxury cars for corporate travel and diplomat travel. Travel with class while in Uganda with our cars!. Our prices range from 150-300 Us dollars per day dry lease inclusive of a driver but without Fuel. Our car hire is based on limited mileage and applies to travel within Uganda.( Terms and conditions apply). Read More

4X4 Ordinary Land cruisers For Hire/Rent in Uganda

4X4 Ordinary Landcruisers hire Uganda / Land cruiser rental in Uganda

The 4×4 Ordinary land Cruisers for Hire/Rent in Uganda are right here at prime Uganda Safaris. These are not customized for safari but are very comfortable for private travel. Read More


4X4 Rav4 hire Uganda / 4WD RAV4 Rental in Uganda

The 4WD Rav4s for hire in Uganda have the front seat which takes one adult passenger besides the driver and then 3 seats in the behind row. They have a big boot where luggage can be carried. Read More

Minibuses / Coasters for hire in Uganda at affordable prices

2X4 Minivan hire Uganda | Coaster rental Uganda Kampala | Mini Bus hire in Uganda Rwanda

2X 4 Safari Minibus rental in UgandaWe have minivans for hire to groups of eight up to twelve. Make sure to find the class to suit your large group.In this Category, we have 2X 4 Safari Minibus hire in Uganda air conditioner with capacity ranging from 26 to 46 seater and they have raised seats for game viewing purposes. These have got diesel powered engines and go for 140-200 US dollars for the car with a driver guide but excluding fuel.( Terms and conditions apply). Read More

4X4 Minivan|Coaster|Mini Buses For Hire in Uganda Rwanda

Buses for Hire in Uganda / Bus Rental in Uganda

Looking for buses for rent in Uganda? OR cars that support large group travel. We have 4×4 buses for hire in Uganda and East Africa that meet your tastes and budget.

In this category , We have 56-65 seater buses with Air-conditioning and these cost US$ 400-600 US dollars day per day with a driver but exclusive of fuel… ( Terms and conditions apply). Read More

Rwanda Safari Holidays in Africa, Rwanda Safaris & Tours, Safari in Rwanda, Rwanda Safari Visit

Rwanda Safari; 9 Days

Rwanda Safari

Rwanda Safaris: For those interested in doing a gorilla safari in Rwanda Africa or an African wildlife safari in Rwanda to tour Rwanda cultures, people and scenery, the following are common questions for who ever wants to safari Rwanda have been answered for you to make your safaris in Rwanda easy to undertake. What time is it in Rwanda? Is it safe to visit Rwanda? Do I need a Rwanda Visa? What is the best time to visit Rwanda? It is noted that while planning to visit Rwanda, a range of travel questions do arise and here at Prime Uganda safaris we attempt to answer them for the benefit of those that take safaris to Rwanda.. Click Here to Find More about Rwanda Safari Holiday

Kenya Safari Holiday Tours, Kenya Safaris & Tours -A safari in Kenya is a true Africa safari adventure!

3 Days Maasai Mara Wildlife Safari in Kenya

Maasai Mara Wildlife Safari in Kenya

Kenya safari tour – Kenya Safaris OR Kenya Tours have proved unforgettable to travelers and tourists that safari in Kenya to the extreme east of the continent of Africa as they enjoy a diverse natural landscape where the extensive savannah is intercepted by steep slopes of the Great East African Rift Valley with Kenya`s its floor marked by a chain of lakes while the Indian Ocean form her eastern boundary presenting the endless beach landscape especially around Mombasa. Click Here to Find More Kenya Safari Tours

Tanzania Safari Holiday Tours, Tanzania Wildlife Safari Vacation, Wildlife Safari in Tanzania-Tanzania Safari tours

Long Tanzania Safari Tours

Tanzania Safari Tours

Tanzania safari: Interested in wildlife safari to Tanzania? The Tanzania safari hub is noted to have amazing wildlife in Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, Arusha and Lake Manyara wildlife safari parks. Tanzania safaris take you is the largest country in East African community, 13th and 31st on the African continent and global scale respectively covering 947,303km2 featuring a coastline of 800km2. Click Here to Find More Tanzania Safari Holiday Tours

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