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Rwanda to create earnings from MICE Strategy-Rwanda safari News

MICE is a strategy converting Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events. The Rwanda development board did this with the aim of developing different economies in Rwanda. This will therefore help attract more tourists to come for Rwanda safaris including the investors who come to also invest in the developing economy of Rwanda hence making it a better country.

The strategy will help the different sectors of the country so as to register development in the tourism sector hence attracting more safaris in Rwanda. The sectors include community based tourism, culture, gorilla tourism, Eco-tourism and so many other sectors concerning tourism. The efforts put in these areas will definitely contribute to the development of the tourism hence playing a role in the increasing number of Rwanda safaris.

Dealers in the tourism sector are required to work hand in hand with the strategy since this will help market their items hence marketing the tourism sector in Rwanda and increasing safaris to Rwanda. The people include the tour operators, managers of hotels, lodges, restaurants, event promoters and so many others.

These are supposed to participate because they are the reason as to why there are reductions of safaris in Rwanda and because of the poor customer care shown to the tourists on Rwanda safari. The people in the departments like the hotels therefore have to improve their attitude towards the tourists so as to achieve the best out of the tourism sector.

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