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Rwanda to gain from Eco-tourism-Rwanda Safari News

Eco-touGORILLA IN THE FORESTrism is the act of promoting tourism in an area without impacting the environment. This activity has been carried out in Rwanda and this has helped in conserving and preserving of the national parks which harbour wild animals. These animals have greatly attracted many safaris to Rwanda.

Eco-tourism practices have been encouraged in any country which has got wildlife species and plants; this process greatly helps in maintainingand protecting the animals especially those in the national parks. This has greatly helped Rwanda in increasing the number of wildlife species with in the country, hence increasing Rwanda safaris.

Rwanda’s national park managements have greatly encouraged and promoted Eco-tourism since it helps in maintaining the environment and also preservation of the animals in their habitants, this has greatly helped in increasing the number of wild animals in the national parks especially the mountain gorillas which have also attracted gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda and this has helped in improving the tourism sector.

There are many Eco-tourism sites which have been set up especially in the national parks to help in conserving of the animal habitats, this is a good practice which is enjoyed and practiced by many national park management personnel s.These practices have greatly helped in increasing safaris in Rwanda.

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