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Rwanda to launch an electrical fence on Akagera national park-Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours

wildlife in akageraAkagera national park is located in the east of Rwanda and it covers 1500 square metres of savannah which is just west of Kagera River. This park is found in Rwanda and it’s always visited by the tourists who come for safaris to Rwanda. It’s because of its diverse savannah vegetation which is loved by the people who come to The Park.

The Rwanda development Board has already launched an electrical fence which is to be put on the park boundary in order to avoid the conflicts which might happen between the humans who live around the park and the wildlife with in the park. This will certainly help in increasing safari tours to Rwanda since the wildlife will be well protected.

This fence will also help in guaranting the safety of the wildlife with in the park and at the same time protecting the local communities which are surrounding the park who act as the key partners in the conservation wildlife and in the development of the tourism sector. This will help in increasing safaris to Rwanda.

The construction of the fence is a solution to the conflicts which have been happening between the animals and the human beings living near the park. The animals have been eating the crops of the local people and also the local communities have been killing the animals which have been affecting the safaris with in Rwanda since they have been reducing due to reduction in the number of animals.

The park has many species of animals which include Buffaloes, elephants, hippos, bush pigs, baboons and many other animals which have attracted many safari visits to Rwanda, the park also has many bird species which have favoured the tourists who are interested in birding.


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