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Home » Blog » Rwandan tour operators excited over lions re-introduction – Rwanda safari news

Rwandan tour operators excited over lions re-introduction – Rwanda safari news

lion - RwandaThe tour operators in Rwanda like any other part of the world play a role of putting together a tourism package and offer it to the market for sale either directly or through agents. The range of travelers that take safaris to Rwanda tend to use tour operators and thus buy their packages. And as a result, the role of tour operators in the Rwanda’s tourism development cannot be taken for granted.
It has been a magical season to these industry players with the lions roaring again in Akagera National Park following a fifteen year quiet period since the last lion was encountered in the park. The extinction of lions by default has had an effect on Rwanda safaris and tours as it limited the product especially the wildlife products that would have been encountered by visitors in Rwanda.
The seven lions’ re-introduction in the National Park of Akagera put the park at a leveled ground with other famous parks in the region like the Uganda safari destination of Queen Elizabeth National Park, the Kenya’s Masaai Mara and Tanzania’s Serengeti. The lions will have to enrich the tour menu of Rwanda and reduce the country’s dependence in the neighboring destinations for such products.
The lions always referred to as the King of the Jungle are among the major animals that top the clients’ lists on what to encounter while planning a safari in Rwanda along with the mountain gorillas that form a rich ground for gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda. Thus, their re-introduction presents a remarkable excitement to the tour operators as they will be capable of selling the lion’s experience with ease.
The move fits in the Rwanda’s product diversification strategy that aim at increasing tourism products and create a competitive advantage in the region. Not only will this lion re-introduction interest the Rwanda safari undertakers from abroad, the locals will form part of the market that are dedicated to visiting these lions since most of them consider it a re-invigoration of the country’s past and as a result of nostalgia they may hardly miss the experience.
The private sector in the country agrees that the Rwanda’s sustainable tourism will have to settle on increased diversification of tourist activities and products. The country made $293 million in 2013 from the tourism sector while in 2014, the visitor arrivals increased by 9% from 1.14 million to 1.2 million.
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