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Rwanda’s best Hike-Rwanda safaris News

dian fossey -gorilla conservationistDian Fossey is a place of remembrance which tourists on their safaris to Rwanda visit to remember the famous and loved Dian Fossey. This was a zoologist from America who specified in studying about gorillas. She usually studied them daily and therefore got to know everything about them with a lot of love and also published a book known as Gorillas in the Mist. She was born on January/16/1932 and was murdered on December/26/1985. She was buried near her gorillas when she died.

Dian Fossey also had her last words as ‘When you realize the value of life, you dwell less on what is past and concentrate more on the preservation of the future.’

Dian Fossey’s tomb’s headstone has words like

No one loved gorillas more

Rest in peace, dear friend

Eternally protected

In this sacred ground

For you are home

Where you belong

This place is therefore a place of history and tourists always come to hike it while on their safaris in Rwanda. The hike gives you a chance to find the Karisoke camp site which was formed from the two volcanoes of Visoke and Karisimbi mountains by Dian Fossey herself therefore making Rwanda safari the best. Hiking up the trail takes around 3 hours while sloping down takes around 2 hours depending on your general body fitness.

Besides the hiking experience, the Dian Fossey safari visit also gives you the chance to have the gorilla trekking experience, birding and also a chance to study about the famous person Dian Fossey with a very good legacy in the tourism sector. The funds collected from the visit to Dian Fossey helps to conserve other animals especially the gorillas which Dian Fossey loved so much.

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