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Home » Blog » Rwanda’s Coronavirus COVID-19 Cases Increase to 500 

Rwanda’s Coronavirus COVID-19 Cases Increase to 500 

Rwanda’s Coronavirus COVID-19 Cases Increase to 500 

Rwanda’s Coronavirus COVID-19 Cases Increase to 500 Rwanda’s coronavirus cases have increased to 510 after 16 cases were registered in the country on Friday, June 12, according to the latest update from the Ministry of Health. According to the Ministry’s daily Covid-19 update, the new cases are related to the Rusizi cluster and repatriated Rwandans. Rusizi District has been the latest hotspot for coronavirus, which was first traced in cross-border traders a few days ago.

Subsequently, the government, on instruction from the health ministry, imposed a lockdown on sectors that make up Kamembe town, which borders DR Congo. On top of Kamembe, Nkombo island on Lake Kivu was also put on lockdown as part of the effort to curtail Covid-19 cases in the region. According to the ministry, the latest cases have been isolated and contacts traced. The status report indicates that eight patients were discharged after full recovery in the past 24 hours.

Rwanda has carried out 85,613 Coronavirus tests since the Covid-19 outbreak in Rwanda, but only 0.6% of these have tested positive.

Two deaths have since been recorded since the first case was recorded in March this year.

There are now 7,673,976 cases of COVID-19 in the world, and the virus has so far killed 426,080 people.

MOH Rwanda Confirmed over 80 Covid-19 cases confirmed in Rusizi

Rwanda’s Coronavirus COVID-19 Cases Increase to 500 The Ministry of Health on Friday, June 12 announced that Rusizi district in the western province so far has 89 confirmed cases of Covid-19.

The district is currently under lockdown, with restricted movements with neighbouring districts due to an increase in community cases that are continuously being detected in some sectors of the district. These sectors are Nyakarenzo, Mururu, Kamembe, a part of Gihundwe and Nkombo

In an interview with the public broadcaster, RBA, Minister of Health Dr Daniel Ngamije explained that putting Rusizi under lockdown was an accurate decision. “We have so far recorded 89 cases in Rusizi district. Although this is not a small number, it would have been much worse if the district was not under lockdown,” he said.

Commenting on why Nkombo Island was recently added on other sectors of Rusizi under total lockdown, Ngamije noted that “We detected Covid-19 cases in that area, who are mostly traders that may spread it to other parts of that district.” Nkombo Sector is home to 8,000 residents, most of whom rely on fishing activities.

Rubavu District

Rwanda’s Coronavirus COVID-19 Cases Increase to 500 In a recent cabinet meeting which extended the measures to contain Covid-19, Rubavu district remained under lockdown with restricted movements to other districts of the country.

Highlighting the condition of the pandemic in this district, Ngamije noted that residents of Rubavu are observing preventive measures.

“We want to thank residents of Rubavu district who are observing precautionary measures. As a result, we are no longer detecting community Covid-19 cases in this district,” he said.

Of the 18 cases that Rwanda confirmed on Thursday, June 11, four cases were from Rubavu district. These patients, according to Ngamije, were cross-border traders who upon arrival were isolated and tested.

Rwanda so far has a total of 510 confirmed cases of Covid-19, of whom 321 have recovered. As of now, the country has recorded two deaths since the outbreak of the pandemic in mid-March.

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