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Rwanda’s cultural sites to promote its tourism – Rwanda Safaris

cultural dancers in rwandaRwanda has got a rich culture and tradition which is so beautiful to the country and it has also helped in increasing safaris to Rwanda especially those based on culture. In Rwanda, there are several cultural sites which are good for travellers interested in learning about culture of the people of Rwanda.

The culture of Rwanda is so adventurous since it provides the experience of the real culture of the people of Rwanda; the most important cultural site is the national museum of Butare which has attracted many Rwanda safaris due to the finest ethnographic collection .it displays traditional art facts which are fascinating to the tourists, photographs, it also provides pre colonial life styles and also the development of Rwanda as a country.

The genocide memorial sites has also attracted many tourists from all over the world to come and have safari visits to Rwanda, they include;murambi, gisozi,Gisenyi, Nyamata and these have helped in increasing the revenues of the country.

Rwanda has got rich cultural art facts and a strong tradition which includes music, dance, pottery, basketry, paintings, jewlry, wood carrying and metal works, these have helped in attracting many visitors to Rwanda to come and participate in cultural safaris which has helped in increasing revenue to the country

The history of Rwanda which is loved by the tourists who come for safaris in Rwanda are provided by the numerous memorial sites and museums which are preserved in the country, several communities based tourism experiences can offer travellers an opportunity to experience the cultural life of Rwanda.

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