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Rwanda’s greatest attractions- Rwanda Safari News

Rwandmonkeys in rwandaa is known to be a mountainous place, which is found in central part, this country has got many attractions which are found in all parts of the country, these attractions mainly include; the national parks, Kigali city, museums, lakes and falls and many more which have attracted many tourists to come for safaris to Rwanda.

Rwanda has got Akagera national park is also located in the eastern part of Rwanda , this park has got variety of wildlife and also many species of birds, it has also got lake Mungesera and Rusumo which also attract tourists to safari Rwanda.

 Volcanoes national park is also found in Rwanda and this park harbours variety of mountain gorillas which have attracted many gorilla tracking safaris to Rwanda, Lake Kivu is also a Rwandan attraction which has always provided opportunity for many water sports on the lake, this has also attracted many safari tours to Rwanda.

 Nyungwe forest national park is also located in Rwanda and it’s considered to be the biggest mountain rain forest on the continent of Africa. This park is a home to a variety of wildlife and these include marsh mongoose, African civet, serval cat, striped jackals, golden cat, red tailed monkeys and the baboons, this park also has got bird species and these have greatly attracted many safaris to Rwanda.

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