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SACCO to develop Uganda’s Economy-Uganda safari News

SACCO is the Savings And Credit Co-operative which is a project that borrows people funds to start up small business and also ensure that the funds are given back. However people are given a 10% interest which will encourage them to get loans. The project is going to help Ugandans develop and fight the problem of poverty hence making Uganda a place for investments therefore attracting more safaris to Uganda and make Uganda a tourist destination.

 The new scheme is in Kasangati and Wakiso district and it is based on “Gwewalabyeko Yemwana” where many people will be given the opportunity to develop themselves through starting up businesses where they can earn a living and also promote economic growth and development in Uganda. This will also lead to the development of the tourist sites as the tour operators will also boost their industries hence attract tourists to come for Uganda safari.

 This will also help divert the minds of the youth from gambling and thefty to starting up their own small businesses where they can earn money. This will therefore help Uganda to be free from any criminal activities hence attracting many tourists to come for safaris to Uganda hence boosting the tourism sector and increasing the revenues to the country. This will also promote peace in the country and security to the tourists on their safaris in Uganda.

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