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Home » Blog » Safari Attractions and Activities just within Entebbe and Lake Victoria -Uganda Safari News

Safari Attractions and Activities just within Entebbe and Lake Victoria -Uganda Safari News

Safari Attractions and Activities just within Entebbe and Lake Victoria -Uganda Safari News

Planning to tour Uganda is one of the activities that reward travelers beyond their expectations. Many tourists get to know of the country because of the elusive Mountain Gorillas south west of the country, the big five wild animals and numerous bird species. But then many wonder whether it could be possible to have a short tour or excursion when they are in the country for either business or other duties but don’t want to leave without seeing some beautiful species an the answer is that its very possible. Entebbe is the first district you set foot in to in Uganda since its where the international airport is situated and therefore an area that can offer the best experience. It could not be just like the extended safari to Uganda’s National parks but then it gives great rewarding memories. Here I highlight for you what safari attractions and activities just within Entebbe and Lake Victoria you can indulge in;

Visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

Safari Attractions and Activities just within Entebbe and Lake Victoria -Uganda Safari News

Close to Uganda’s only international airport, Uganda Wildlife Conservation Centre (UWEC) is the best place to have a glimpse of the beauty in the pearl of Africa ranging from animals to bird species. Whether on a short tour in Entebbe or for tourists on extended Uganda wildlife safaris and have an early arrival to the country on day 1 visiting UWEC is the best option for an insight of some of what is in the country.

At the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Centre are trained educators or Uganda tour guides who can take you through an engaging and educative guided tour in the Centre. They help you identify the animal species, tell you about their cultural values, conservation status, habitats and help you decide on a positive conservation action to ensure species survival or recovery plan. Visiting UWEC is family friendly and you can visit even with kids.

A tour on Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest fresh water lake holding about 2,750 cubic kilometers of water with an average depth of 40m(130ft) and a maximum depth of 84m(276ft) with a 7,142km (4,438m) shoreline.

Wildlife in Lake Victoria includes mammals like the hippopotamus, African clawless otter, spotted necked otter, marsh mongoose, sitatunga, crane rats, giant otter shrew. The incredible reptiles to sight on a Uganda wildlife safari comprise of the Nile crocodile, African helmeted turtle and the Williams’ mud turtle restricted to Lake Victoria and other lakes, rivers and swamps in the upper Nile.

Birds, especially water birds can be sighted like the swamp fly catcher, Malachite king fisher, long-tailed cormorant at. A one-day birding tour to Mabamba swamp West of Entebbe is one of the best things to do on Africa’s fresh waters. It’s the best place to see the elusive shoebill stork, one of the sought-after bird by birders on birding safaris in Uganda. This swampland is accessed using a small canoe with a perfect view in the morning.

Visit Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Entebbe botanical gardens within the settlement areas of the lake shore with a beautiful floral view is a good place to tour by nature lovers with a variety of flora species. You will see 115 bird species and several monkeys only on a one-day Entebbe tour in the beautiful environment.

Visit Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba chimpanzee island sanctuary is one of the islands in Lake Victoria home to about 49 chimpanzees dominated by almost only chimpanzees. Its accessible by a speed boat on Lake Victoria a 45-minute boat ride from Entebbe. 1 day Ngamba Island safari is the best and fastest way of getting close to man’s cousins-the chimps in Uganda.

Don’t get stranded on what to choose from when you have either 1 day or 2 after your business or any other activities just choose any of the above. For travelers who are spending a day or 2 in Entebbe before either departure or arrival, don’t just spend your time I the hotel, go relax on Africa’s largest fresh water lake. You can also opt to go for a 1 day Jinja tour excursion or undertake a 1 day Kampala city tour. Safari to Uganda or take Uganda safaris for a much rewarding willife experience whether on a long trip or on a short trip.

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