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Mozambique Safaris, Mozambique Safari Tour, African Vacations in Mozambique Tours

Mozambique safaris/Mozambique safari tours are famous for beaches, and remote islands that bring relaxation to various travelers & history. Most African vacations in Mozambique tours offer fewer game viewing safaris compared to other southern African safari countries.

Apart from the beach holidays around major islands near the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, you can also explore national parks and reserves on the mainland as the country is currently being established to promote ecotourism.

This country in the region of South Africa was once a good wildlife safari destination but the 30-year wars that led to poaching greatly reduced the number of animals.

However, authorities, together with conservationists have worked toward the recovery of the parks and reserves, thus, are still great places for your safaris.

The history of this destination relays information about the slave trade, coastal traders, and pirates.

There are countless opportunities for great Mozambique tours including holidays at the Indian Ocean on the beautiful Islands and white sandy beaches. Explore the marine life and also meet and learn the ways of the local people who will take you for the traditional dhow cruise.

By going on a Mozambique vacation, you contribute to the conservation of the remaining animals and nature.

Read below to find out more about Mozambique vacations.

Popular Attractions in Mozambique | What Is Mozambique Best Known For?

Mozambique Safaris

The most popular attractions in this country are the beautiful white sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean. Most attractions thus lie on the southern tip, hence attracting many visitors for the pristine coral reefs, island, and beach destination activities.

Travelers will come to explore marine life such as Whale Sharks, Dolphins, Dugongs, and Turtles among others.

Ponta do Ouro, on the extreme of southern Mozambique is another famous attraction for travelers on diving and snorkeling Mozambique vacations.

The southern Mozambique province in Maputo is also home to over 400 coastal Elephants and a major attraction for a trip to the pristine coral reefs areas. Maputo is also a town filled with history as portrayed by its museums, architecture, and marketplaces.

Bazaruto archipelago (Bazaruto Island) in Bazaruto NP also welcomes a romantic getaway trip for various travelers.

Quirimbas archipelago in the remote areas of northern Mozambique on the other hand has lesser attractions even though it is still a good place to explore. At the Quirimbas Archipelago, enjoy watching the beautiful coral reefs.

Additionally, Ibo Island, an old Portuguese Fort is alive with the history of the country for tourists to learn from.

Much as this destination is not famed for game viewing, visitors can have a great experience seeing the animals in the different national parks.

Which Parks Should I Visit on a Mozambique Safari/Mozambique Safaris/ Mozambique Tours?

Mozambique is majorly a beach destination thus wildlife safaris are not very popular. However, there are various national parks that you can still explore for your safari experience.

Let us look at the major national parks below.

1. Gorongosa National Park

Gorongosa National Park sits at the end of the rift valley and is made up of various biomes including mountains, rainforests, savannahs, lakes, and woodlands.

On your safaris at Gorongosa National Park, you will be able to see various wildlife such as the Antelope species, Elephants, and Lions among other animals.

2. Limpopo Park

Apart from Kruger Park in South Africa, Limpopo NP is another great place in the region to view the big five like the Lions, leopards, Elephants, Buffaloes, and Rhinos. However, the amount of wildlife in the park is quite lower.

3. Maputo Park

Maputo NP was opened in December 2021 thus the newest conservation area of the country. The merging of Maputo Special Reserve and Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve created Maputo NP. PPMR protects marine animals and Maputo Special Reserve, the last remaining coastal Elephants of South Africa.

Cheetahs have also been reintroduced in the park thus increasing the number of animals in this protected area. You will also see Zebras, Crocodiles, Hippos, and various Antelope species in the park.

You can also go to Bazaruto Park (Bazaruto Island) for amazing coastal activities and to watch sea animals.

A Mozambique tour is a great experience, but for better safari experiences for viewing animals, we recommend trips to Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, or South Africa.

4. Kruger National Park

This is among the closest South African game watching destinations to Mozambique, therefore somewhere visitors on travels can go for their game watching adventures in addition to Mozambican adventures.

Other destinations to go to include among others Serengeti, Masai Mara Game Reserve, and Chobe NP.

Activities/Things to Do During Mozambique Safaris/ Mozambique Tours

Mozambique Safaris

This destination has a lot of activities to do during your trips and some of them include the following.

Explore Untouched Coral Reefs in One of the World’s Finest Diving Destinations

Some of these reefs are near Pemba, Bazaroto, Inhaca, and Inhambane.

More so, the Bazaruto archipelago or Bazaruto Island in Bazaruto National Park will give you amazing views of the lagoons and islands that you can have while sailing on a traditional dhow from the Vilanculos coast.

A Bush and Beach Safari in Paradise Near the Indian Ocean

The 2500km coastline provides an amazing trip for tourists going to the beaches.

Explore the beaches at the coastal towns for example Pemba and Praia do Bilene to enjoy island water sports like Scuba Diving, Kayaking, and Snorkeling.

Walk barefoot on these beaches and end your day in paradise with adventurous dhow rides.

Diving And Snorkeling on a Beach Destination on Mozambique Safaris

With this trip, you get to dive with the Whale Sharks during a research project.

Alternatively, scuba divers can take a PADI dive course to learn this amazing skill.

Diving is usually best done in Praia do Tofo Beach and the Quirimbas National Park.

Snorkeling will also allow you to enjoy scenic views of the ocean and the animal life in the sea along the coastline.

Cultural, Community, And Architectural Encounters on Mozambique Safaris/ Mozambique Tours

The rich culture of the country is a unique blend of Portuguese, Arabic, and African cultures.

Visiting these local people in the central market of Maputo will give you a rich understanding of their ways and daily lives.

Additionally, due to these various Indian and Portuguese influences, you can try eating the coastal cassava curry and ground peanut, traditionally called Matapa with fresh seafood.

Likewise, you will get to learn about the amazing coastal architecture of the Portuguese in Ilha de Mocambique, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can likewise go shopping at the souk in Pemba for traditional silverware, arts and crafts.

Additionally, explore the historic and beautiful Maputo Central Train Station, its rail museum, and food.

Horse Riding on Mozambique Safaris

Horse riding along the coast is perfect for a honeymoon trip, especially at sunset.

Swim With the Whale Sharks on A Beach Destination During Mozambique Safaris

At Praia Do Tofo in Inhambane province, you can get the chance to swim with the Whale Sharks and the Manta Rays.

Likewise, swimming in Quirimbas National Park next to Pemba will give you amazing views of the beautiful coral reefs and the animals in the turquoise waters.

Game Viewing on Mozambique Safaris

Gorongosa National Park is an ideal park to view wildlife for example Elephants, Hippos, Zebras, Buffaloes, and very many bird species.

Likewise, Bazaruto island, consisting of many small islands and reefs, creates the perfect place for watching marine animals during snorkeling, scuba diving, or big game fishing.

You will also do whale watching of the Shark, Reef, and Humpback whales, and also see Manta Rays, Turtles, Dolphins, Hammerheads, Snapper, and Tuna among others.

Scenery Viewing on Mozambique Safaris

Being on the coast, Mozambique is generally a great place for scenery. From the gorgeous beaches to the sea animals to see during diving or snorkeling.

Likewise, you will get to view the dramatic inselbergs from the beautiful volcanic area at Cuamba.

What Is the Best Time of the Year for a Holiday in Mozambique?

This destination has a tropical climate throughout the year, thus making it great for trips to gorgeous beaches.

April to June and September to November are usually the best for water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling.

Also, visit Mozambique in the dry season from July to October as it is the best time for game viewing since many animals gather around the rivers and the lakes to drink. Also, the vegetation in the dry season becomes thin thus making game viewing a lot easier.

For whale watching of the whale shark species, June to October is the best time.

Manta rays at the Manta Reef next to the Tofo beach can best be viewed in the morning hours.

What Do I Need to Know Before Going to Mozambique?

Mozambique Safaris

Tourists will find it easier to go to a new place if they have the necessary knowledge and information about those areas.

Below, we look at the various travel tips and information to consider before going for your holidays to this endpoint.

  1. While shopping, you are allowed to bargain in the Central Market in Maputo.
  2. Note that the Pemba in Mozambique is different from the one in Tanzania.
  3. Park light when going for your trip to avoid having unnecessary items. Have your camera, pair of binoculars, batteries, memory cards, sunscreen, and an insect repellant.
  4. Also, park and wear light clothes, but those that can keep you warm enough, especially during the morning. For example cotton clothes, coastal footwear, sunglasses, and a wide hat.
  5. The South African Rand and the US Dollar are widely accepted although you can also use the Mozambique meticais while shopping.
  6. Tipping is allowed and appreciated. A 10% tip on friendly service is usually fine.
  7. To get to and around this nation, you can use international flights like Maputo International Airport which connects from Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Portugal.

Vilanculos International Airport flies into Bazaruto Archipelago (Bazaruto Island) from Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Maputo. There are also internal flights from here that connect to the coastal areas.

On the other hand, Pemba International Airport flies into Quirimbas Archipelago and it goes via Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, Johannesburg, and Maputo.

  1. You need a passport with a validity of at least six months to be able to visit Mozambique.
  2. Only citizens from South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, and Swaziland are allowed to enter the country without a visa. Other citizens can purchase it from the border from between USD 35 to USD 80.

Is It Expensive to Visit Mozambique?

It is not expensive to visit Mozambique. The cost of living may be a bit high but touring the country itself is not as expensive as other South African countries like Botswana.

How Much Does a Trip to Mozambique Cost? | How Much Do You Need for a Vacation in Mozambique?

A tour to this tourist endpoint depends on various factors, but majorly accommodation, the number of days spent on the safari, and the Mozambique vacation activities.

Depending on the above factors, the cost of an 8-day midrange Mozambique holiday will cost between USD 3500 to USD 4000 per person. If on budget trips, you can spend as low as USD 1000.

Let us look at these major factors below.


Accommodation costs range from budget to midrange, and luxury. The cost of a safari will thus depend on the class of accommodation that the visitor chooses.

Budget accommodation will cost lesser than midrange and luxury accommodations.

Number of days spent on the safari:

More days on a Mozambique tour mean higher costs to cater for upkeep, entrance fees, and accommodation facilities.

Sometimes the lodges may provide discounts on long stays but the expensive entrance fees which are paid every 24 hours remain unchanged.

Mozambique vacation activities:

Various activities will affect the cost of your Mozambique holiday. As it is famous for beaches, adding game viewing on the island activities will add to the costs.

Other factors that affect the cost of your holiday include both international and internal flights, the season of travel, and extra costs like tipping and shopping.

Can I Extend My African Safari with A Trip to Mozambique?

Yes, a Mozambique trip is great for a unique blend of South Africa and East Africa’s Uganda, Kenya, or Tanzania.

This is ideal for a balanced safari experience that will cater for a coastal holiday in Mozambique and authentic wildlife encounters in East Africa’s national parks and reserves.

Better still, you can blend your safari with Kruger National Park in South Africa or other famous destinations in Botswana, Tanzania, or Zambia.

Best Tour Packages for Mozambique Tours/Mozambique Safaris

Choose your adventure from the most reviewed packages below.

  1. a) 4 Days Mozambique Tropical Islands.
  2. b) 4 Days Mozambique Historical City and Beach Vacation.
  3. c) 9 Days Bush and Beach Vacation.
  4. d) 11 Days S. Africa and Mozambique.
  5. e) 14 Days Mozambique and Kruger NP in S. Africa.

Best Tour Operators for Mozambique Trip

Below, we list the best tour operators to use for your trip to Africa.

  1. Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd
  2. Africa Safaris Tours

Vacation/Safari Lodges in Mozambique

Mozambique Safaris

There are several eco-lodges and hotels where you can stay for a friendly service. Below, we look at some of the best to choose from.

  1. andBeyond Benguerra Island.
  2. Nuarro Lodge.
  3. Azura Benguerra Island.
  4. andBeyond Vamizi Papilio
  5. andBeyond Vamizi Tartaruga

Frequently Asked Questions About Mozambique Tours/Mozambique Safaris

Does Mozambique Have Safaris?

Yes, there are safaris mostly in Gorongosa and Maputo National Parks. Here, you will be able to see animals like coastal Elephants, Lions, Leopards, Buffaloes, and Rhinos among others.

Is Mozambique Good for Safari?

Even though the place is incomparable to other East African countries like Tanzania, Kenya, and South Africa, it is still a good place to travel to.

You will still see a reasonable number of animals and birds in the national parks and game reserves.

Is Mozambique Good for Tourists?

Yes, it is good for tourists. Tourists will enjoy a lot of fun activities especially the island trips, history learning trips, and game viewing in the national parks.

Is It Safe to Travel to Mozambique Now? | What Is the Current Situation in Mozambique?

This nation is generally safe to travel to currently. Authorities caution about moving to some parts of the nation due to instabilities and crimes like mugging.

However, your tour operator will ensure your safety by taking you to safe places and giving you safety tips.

Is Mozambique Safe for Solo Travel?

Solo travelers can travel safely, especially if they follow the right safety instructions given to them by their guides.

What Do I Need to Cross the Border into Mozambique?

To cross the Mozambique border, you will need a tourist visa or an identification document depending on the nation you are coming from.

What Is the Number 1 Safari in Africa?

Serengeti safari park in Tanzania is the best and number 1 safari park in Africa. The park hosts the legendary Wildebeest migration where about 1.5 million Wildebeests, Zebras, and Antelopes migrate to Masai Mara in Kenya and back. Likewise, it is a great place for beach holidays and learning about the history of the coastal people.

Ready to plan your adventurous Mozambique vacation? Get the best travel information and itinerary for your island time and safari by contacting us today for a memorable experience!