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14 Days Gorilla trekking safari Uganda wildlife tour Rwanda
A game drive at Queen Elizabeth National Park

Are you a wild adventurer? Would you like to be taken on a memorable wildlife adventure on a short safari? Well you can grab your Africa safari adventure boots and a pair binocular and come with on this 1-day Uganda wildlife safari excursion to queen Elizabeth national park.

This 1-day excursion takes you to Queen Elizabeth National Park located in the western Uganda. Dubbed “the medley of wonders”, Queen Elizabeth National Park has made a name for itself as a prime destination for classic wildlife adventure given its rich bio diversity which includes include 95 mammal species, like the rare tree climbing lions’ species, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, hippos, bush bucks, a wide range of antelope family, a variety of monkey species and chimpanzees, 600 bird species and many reptiles like the Nile crocodiles, snakes and lizards and a number of volcanic features like volcanic cones and crater lakes like lake Katwe and Kikorongo.

Summary of the 1-Day Uganda Wildlife Safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park

This 1-day short Uganda safari commences with a road trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park that leads you to a remarkable -hour journey that is fully loaded with awesome road sightings that will keep your eyes firmly glued on for the entire journey. Do an early morning game drive then round off the day with a truly remarkable birding session in the afternoon.

Detailed itinerary of the 1-Day Uganda Wildlife Safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park

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Unlimited game drives in Queen Elizabeth Africa Safari Tours

Wake up early in the morning to the incessant melodic sounds of several of Uganda’s 1060 bird species as they sing their hearts off to the new dawn as if to trying to tell the joy that awaits you on this wildlife tour in Uganda. Partake a nicely crafted breakfast to give you energy to last you throughout this wonderful day ahead on a short Uganda tour that’s fully loaded with memorable encounters. Pick up is done very early in the morning and this puts you on a truly remarkable Uganda safari tour journey as you are bombarded with numerous road sightings that will definitely leave you bewildered by their utmost genuine nature. These begin with lush tropical greenery that generally blankets Uganda’s land scape then spot these African kids with high hopes of making it big in life braving the rather chilly mornings to dash to schools. You can look to the east and have your heart mellow at the sight of the sun as it vividly stamps the horizon to mark its entrance into the new day.

The Spectacular Game Drive

On arrival to Queen Elizabeth National Park Set off to an early morning game drive over the Kasenyi plains and get a thrilling Uganda wildlife tour encounter of some of Africa’s finest mammals such as cape buffaloes, elephants as they freely the vast plains of this beautiful eco system. As you enjoy this drive look out for a sighting of the king of the jungle the lion with a pride patrolling their domain within the savanna grasslands of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Other predators to look out are leopards and spotted hyenas. After this truly rewarding game drive on this wildlife safari in Uganda, take time off to enjoy a nice lunch then kick off another round of pure fascination on this Uganda wildlife tours as you do another round of game drive. This safari Uganda game drive in queen Elizabeth national park maximises your chances of seeing many African finest mammals such as African cats like the lions that might be found alone or in their prides, you can also actively look out for the leopards and spotted hyenas. The end of this game drive ends your 1-day excursion in queen Elizabeth that is now highlighted with a return leg to Kasese or Fort portal

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