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idi- former president of ugandaTourism in Uganda has got many attractions which have attracted many Uganda safaris; some of these include National parks, water bodies like lake and Rivers, forests, land scape and bird watching and many other tourism attractions.

However, the tourism sector stakeholders called for the return of the remains of Ugandan former president of Uganda, Idi Amin, this will help in setting up a good monument which can be turned into a site for tourism development, hence helping in the diversification of the tourism products. This will help to increase safaris to Uganda.

The starting of this monument will help to increase the revenue of the tourism sector, which will help to develop the tourism sector in Uganda, because of this new tourism site, more tourists will come to Uganda for safaris and in particular to visit the monument of Amin.

Amin’s grave yard will automatically help to attract people from different countries to come and see the remains of the great dictator who made Ugandans suffer during his regime. This place will attract many tourists to come and visit the place hence helping in the improving and increasing safaris to Uganda.

Because the grave yards of the former kings of Buganda are already attracting safari tours to Uganda, the other graves in the western and northern Uganda, this means that Amin’s grave yard will also attract many people to visit Uganda.

The government of Uganda should however put the request of the stakeholders in practice and think of bringing back the remains of the late president of Uganda, Idi Amin Dada. If the burial grounds are well marketed in Uganda, the country will attract more tourists who will come for safaris in Uganda.

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