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Colions -uganda safarismmunity based tourism is the kind of tourism which is encouraged in the communities especially those living near the tourist attractions like the national parks , this type of tourism has helped in increasing the number of safaris to Uganda since most people want to interact with the local people.

Community based tourism has been carried out in many areas which surround the national parks with in the country. Here the local people are encouraged to participate in the development of tourism in the country by encouraging them to make different art pieces which can be bought by the tourists hence getting incomes; this has helped in increasing the number of Uganda safaris.There are many organizations which have come up to promote community tourism and these have encouraged the local people to fully participate in the projects so that they can also attract the tourists who come for safaris in Uganda , this will help them to improve their standards of living.The government has however come up with many strategies which are to help in developing the local people so that they can actively engage in community based tourism since it can help in increasing the number of safaris to Uganda.

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