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The colions in ugandanservationists in Uganda have discovered that the number of lions in Uganda is greatly reducing due to many obstacles which are affecting the lions in the national parks; this has greatly affected the safaris in Uganda which has reduced the revenues of the country. 

The research which was carried out by the researchers from wildlife conservation society confirmed that lions in some parts of Uganda have decreased, mostly as a result of poisoning by the local communities, human related conflicts and the retaliation for livestock predication. All these have led to reduced numbers of Uganda safaris.  

Lions in Africa and in Uganda are killed mainly because they are a vital component of the ecosystem and they are also important in disease control of antelopes and the common buffaloes by killing the sick animals, this has affected their numbers especially in Africa hence affecting safari tours.

Uganda’s number of lions has greatly reduced since the last survey which was carried out in Uganda’s main national parks which harbour lions, this has affected the tourism sector since many tourists mainly come for tree climbing lions but it becomes hard to find any during the game drives. This has greatly reduced the number of safaris in Uganda.

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October 25th, 2013|Safari News|
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