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A safamurchision fallsri to Murchison falls national park is rewarding since it will avail you with variety of attractions which are not found in any other national park in Africa. This park is composed of many attractions which have attracted many safaris to Uganda.

The attractions which are found in the park include, the beautiful river Nile which facilitates the  boat cruises with in the national park, the animals which can be viewed  in the water include; water birds,crocodiles,hippos and many others, these have greatly attracted many Uganda safaris , hence increasing the revenues of the country.

There is also Rabongo and Kaniyo Padibi forests, the trails through Kaniyo pabidi forest, which offer an opportunity for trekking chimpanzees and other primates like the monkeys. There is also bird watching which provides an opportunity for sighting variety of birds like the yellow footed flycatcher, white thi hornbill and the Ituri batis. The forests also encourage nature walks which have also encouraged more tourists to safari Uganda.

The park is surrounded by woodland, savannah, wetland and also tropical forest, which has got many species of mammals, bird species. Among the mammals include; hippos, Rothschild, giraffe, warthlog, Cape buffalo, Uganda kobs, hartebeest and elephants. These have attracted many tourists to come for safaris in Uganda.

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