Uganda equator kayabweUganda is indeed gifted by nature as her marketing slogan goes. One may wonder that after having the half of the endangered mountain gorillas that form the basis for gorilla trekking safaris, the amazing wildlife including the Big five that form the ground for wildlife safaris, great counts of common chimpanzees that form the ground for chimpanzee trekking safaris, wide range of cultures in the whole of Africa, great mountains, rift valley and gigantic lakes that form great scenic viewing tours, Uganda goes ahead to have the world’s main latitude – the Equator which divides the world into two parts.
At Kayabwe 72km from Kampala along Masaka road, Uganda safari undertakers have chances of encountering the equator crossing. They have the opportunity of engaging themselves in educational geographical experiments where water is used to demonstrate the geographical divide between the south and northern hemispheres.
Besides the water experiments, the site has got two cement pillars that form a circle marked Uganda Equator which offers great photography encounters that would increase your memories while on safari in Uganda. Kayabwe also has a good restaurant offering a perfect coffee break and impressive craft shops where you can get yourself a souvenir to take home. The encounter would surely create lasting experiences and encourage other travellers to plan safaris to Uganda.
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