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uganda-equatorIt is an adventure to stand with one foot in the northern hemisphere and one foot on the southern hemisphere of the world while in Uganda for a safari. Experience this by visiting the Uganda Equator for a safari tour.

As said by Wikipedia, “The equator (sometimes referred to colloquially as “the Line”) is the intersection of the Earth’s surface with the plane perpendicular to the Earth’s axis of rotation and containing the Earth’s midpoint of mass.” This in short is the imaginary line that splits the earth in half. The north on one side and the south on another.

While you’re at the Uganda Equator during a safari, you will see this by a line drawn in the middle of the boulevard. With a monument on either sides that state “Uganda Equator”. It is indeed an amazing feeling to stand on both sides of the world while on a Uganda Tour.


Other than the fact that you can stand on both sides of the Equator on a safari to Uganda, there is also a mind blowing experimentation of how water drains straight down at the Equator. But the water will channel clockwise on the northern hemisphere and counter clockwise on the southern hemisphere. This is something extraordinary to see while on a Uganda tour.

There are also different souvenir shops at the Equator where you can purchase to show off your adventure on a Uganda safari to your friends and family. Like a T-Shirt that says “I have crossed the Equator  in Uganda, have you?” Even when you try searching for such safari to uganda souvenirs online, you will get frustrated. So I guess the only way to get these memories is when you experience it for yourself .I guess its high time you booked a safari to Uganda

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March 6th, 2014|Safari News|
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