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golden monkeys in mgahingaThe famous Batwa Cultural Trail is organized as a community based Uganda safari product that was developed by the Batwa themselves in partnership with the Uganda Wildlife Authority and Non-Government Organization – the Pearls of Africa.
The Batwa Pygmies are noted to be found in various forests of Uganda most especially in the south west in Bwindi and Mgahinga National Park and the neighboring areas. They were evicted from these protected areas most of which are mountain gorilla habitats which form the ground for the gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda to pave way for conservation. However, they have been left to access their heritage in the forest including visiting their sacred sites.
The Batwa Cultural trail commences at 8:00am from the base of the volcanic mountains of Muhabura, Gahinga and Sabyinyo which are part of the eight Virunga Volcanoes which stand as an amazing wonder for travelers on Uganda safaris and tours. The walk along the trail requires a rain gear, shoes, hat, packed lunch and adequate drinks.
The trails run through the verdant vegetation on the mountain slopes dotted with counts of wildlife and birds not forgetting amazing flora which makes the walk beyond the ordinary nature walk. The Batwa guides give you a themed interpretation of the forest and you will be amazed by how the forest turns into a builder’s yard, a pharmacy, larder, a tool kit and most significantly a remarkable home. Following the trail, you will fire the arrow and the bow, assist in repairing of the Batwa shelter, check the wild honey hives, extract herbal medicine, gather wild food, and learn how to milt fire without match sticks, learn more about the Batwa traditions and legends. This combine to generate a memorable experience while on your safari in Uganda.
The major icon of the Batwa trail is the ascent to the famous Garama Cave which is a 200m lava tube that extends beneath Mount Gahinga. The Batwa are known for their remarkable dance and music. The subterranean council chamber offers a great platform for remarkable performances which should not be missed while panning safaris to Uganda.
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