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Its so exciting to have a tingling feel of the new experience you can share with your loved ones. Uganda safaris have been spiced up by creating the hot air balloon safari for its visitors. Have you ever imagined having a silent move through the nature and great wildlife!

The balloon safari gives you a whole new experience of Uganda safari tours. Having a bird eyes view at sun rise and at sun set. You get to see multitudes of birds in the air. Enjoy the tranquility of wildlife buffalo’s, elephants, the kings of the jungle and many others you can imagine of seeing.

Where to find the balloon safari

Having safaris to Uganda in Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park, you can get yourself a fascinating fly in the air. The Balloon safari is done through the plans of these parks.

The hot air balloon is one of the oldest human lifting air crafts ever made. It was known as the balloon aircraft. It is recorded that the balloon aircraft was created by Montgolfier brothers in 1783 November.

Cost for a balloon safari

The balloon safari experience goes for USD $380 per person. The balloon flight normally accommodates 16 passengers. Children less than 6 years might not be permitted for the flight unless under parent’s supervision.

The flight normally goes for 1-2hours depending on the game travel. Balloon safari participants get the privilege of getting a flight certificate and a refreshment while on the flight.

It wouldn’t be joyous if you missed out on this marveling experience. Join us on a Ugandan safari to enjoy this breathe taking memorable time with your loved ones. would you be interested to find out about gorilla safari in Congo, check it out.

Besides the balloon safari, you can also decide to have a gorilla trekking safari in Uganda at Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. Bwindi has an amazing gorilla family that you wouldn’t want to miss. Get a trek and find out more…


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The hot air balloon Safari. – Uganda safari news




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