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gorilla safaris in ugandaIn land of thousand hills Rwanda, Mountain Gorilla groups are partitioned into two separate groups i.e. the ones meant for Research purposes limited to only specific individuals allowed to carry out research and the ones habituated for tourism purposes and these can be accessed by the tourists interested in gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda. In Rwanda’s Volcanoes park, there are around 10 habituated gorilla families which are exposed out to be visited by different tourist and here a maximum of eight individual members are allowed to visit each and every gorilla family .Among these groups include the 13 group also well-known as the aka Agasha gorilla family .

The 13 gorilla group habituated in Volcanoes national park derived its name from 13individual members in which it was first habituated. Currently the group is estimated to be having a total number of 25 individual member’s .The impressing group is composed of one silverback, 12 individual adult females as well as the two sub adult females and the three Juvenile, without forgetting the seven babies which are so interesting and never shy to visitors. The impressing rare group of gorillas endowed with impressive characters, is one of the reasons as to why the number of Gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Rwanda are seriously increasing because travellers yarn to spend one magical hour with this specific family.

The interesting history of the group is that the group was first led by silverback called Nyakarima but later he was defeated by the energetic silver back identified as Agashya, the word which means “the news”. I n reality Agashya silverback made interesting record in the gorilla history to first estimate measure and weigh Nyakarima’s strengths, as well as weaknesses and finally he capitalized on the weaknesses to challenge him during a fierce fight and he even ended up winning and owning the whole family. This has never happened in gorilla history and hence your gorilla trekking safari to Rwanda will enable you to have time interacting with this interesting gorilla family.

The intelligent silver back Agashya decided to move his group up on top of the Volcanoes in order to protect and secure his group being attacked by the rival Nyakarima. The hard working, strong Agashya has since that time when he over took the group has tremendous increased the number of individual members by using force to snatch them from other gorilla families as well as attracting those lonely gorillas .Therefore due to Agashya’s hard work the group is now made up of 25 individual gorilla members from the early number of 13 members. This interesting story should not missed by any travellers looking the best gorilla safari experience in Rwanda.

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March 7th, 2015|Safari News|
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