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Media is an gorillas in the wild-uganda safarisimportant factor in the development of tourism in the country since it has greatly helped in marketing and promoting the sector to the outside world. This has helped in attracting more travelers to come for safaris to Uganda. This has however helped to increase the revenues of the country and also the development of the tourism sector.

The media includes; the Radio stations, Television stations, newspapers, and many more which have helped in providing basic information about tourism in Uganda to both the domestic and international tourists.

The  domestic tourism has been through encouraging the local people to also engage in tourism so that the revenues of the country can instantly increase as well the number of tourists who engage in safaris in Uganda.

International tourists have greatly been able to know about a variety of attractions  which are in the pearl of Africa which include; the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, birds, the culture, vegetation, mountains and the wildlife in the national parks through the media, like TVs, Radios, news papers,Facebook,and many more.

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