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Ugandans need to develop love for their country in order to develop the tourism sector. this will help in increasing Uganda safaris since the people of Uganda will develop a spirit of adventure which will help in promoting sustainable tourism with in the country.

Tourism in Uganda is an exciting activity which also arouses great interest in the hearts of the tourists. Developing tourism in Uganda is mainly based on Water conservation and this will help in increasing safaris in Uganda since tourism growth will be well handled.

The world tourism day which was celebrated at fort portal mainly focused on water and tourism which is to help in conserving all the sources of water which are found in Uganda, this will help in emphasizing water preservation in the country since water is the major source of the tourism industry and to the tourists. This will help in improving safaris to Uganda.

Preserving and protecting water is vital since Uganda is harbored with plenty of geographical features, climate, and forests, hotels, wildlife and many other natural and artificial features which need water in order to survive, if all these are well preserved and conserved, safari tours to Uganda will certainly improve.

By protecting all the water sources in Uganda, this will help in sustaining all the tourism potentials in the country; this will however help in protecting the wildlife and the plant species with in the national parks. This will help in increasing safari visits to Uganda since the wildlife will be conserved from extinction.

According to the study, tourism is considered to be the major tourism potential which consumes most of the water, therefore protection of the water sources is essential in the tourism sector and it helps in the growth of the tourism industry and also helping in increasing safari adventures to Uganda.

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